Crafting Material
Sturdy Snow White Stone
Weight: 1.00 LT
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Description: Sturdy snow white stone material finely processed and made from the combination of well-refined stone and many materials usually used for outdoor structures. Structures made from the Sturdy Snow White Stone don't get too heated mid-summer like those made of ordinary stone material and do not split in mid-winter. The high-quality material is perfect for outdoor structures that are greatly influenced by the weather since they are so durable even heavy rain won't corrode them.
  • - How to obtain

    Select Grinding from the Processing (L) window with Polished Stone x10, Pure Powder Reagent x10, Purified Water x10, Black Stone Powder x10 and Clown's Blood, Legendary Beast's Blood, Sinner's Blood, Tyrant's Blood, or Wise Man's Blood x1 to obtain Sturdy Snow White Stone x1-2.

    • - Price: N/A
Data Updated: November 24, 2021
Item Added: 03.11.2021