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Black Stone
Caphras Stone
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
    • - Marketplace Information
    • Market Price: 2,990,000 Silver
    • Warehouse Capacity: 1.00 VT
  • - Description: It said that the immortal alchemist Caphras used stones like this as the ultimate catalyst. The stone is sometimes referred to as the solar stone, because of the intense and pure energy that emits from it. It can be used to unlock the full potential of a gear without the risk of experiencing any dark side effects.

    Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine Ancient Spirit Dust x5 and Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x1 into Caphras Stone x1.
    Use Simple Alchemy to combine Ancient Spirit Dust x50, Black Stone (Weapon) OR Black Stone (Armor) x10, and Black Stone Powder x1 to get Caphras Stone x10.
  • - How to obtain

    Defeating monsters in Balenos, Valencia, Kamasylvia, or Drieghan
    - How to Obtain: Mining, lumbering, fluid collecting (sap), fluid collecting (blood), underwater gathering, butchering, or tanning

    – Press RMB to start enhancement.

    • - Price: Silver 300,000
Data Updated: November 1, 2019