29.04.2020 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Database
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  • Greetings Adventurers,

    From the skies of Drieghan, hear her roar! Garmoth’s threat is increasing, as her attack pattern changes.

    In the meantime, celebrate Spring with our Springfest. Gathering, Fishing, and Defeating Monsters comes with a hidden surprise and we have a special additional Combat/Skill EXP +50% bonus when using Book of Training to help you.

    Finally, Wacky Toshi needs help with his research and is looking for more samples!

    You can read the rest of the details of this week’s update below:

    *Please note we will perform a server restart for 2 hours next Wednesday (May 6th) instead of performing regular maintenance.

     Check out our official website for more information!

    [New Events]

    • Springfest
      Spring into action and enjoy the following events all prepared for the warm weeks ahead!

      • Event 1: Hidden Surprise
        • Period: April 29 (after maintenance)–May 13 (before maintenance)
        • Defeat monster, gather, and fish [Event] Matryoshka Pieces to exchange with Sealus for [Event] Matryoshka dolls.
        • Event 2: Got Milk?
          • Period: April 29 (after maintenance)–May 13 (before maintenance)
          • Process [Event] Nutritious Pellet with haystack or feed items to get event more nutritious crops.
        • Event 3: No Train No Gain
          • Period: April 29 (after maintenance)–May 13 (before maintenance)
          • Enjoy the additional Combat/Skill EXP +50% when using Book of Training items.
        • Event 4: Special Attendance Rewards
          • Period: April 30 (00:00 UTC)–May 13 (23:59 UTC)
          • Check the ‘Special’ tab in your attendance board daily and stack up on golden rewards including Golden Dagger, Golden Backpack, Golden Coelacanth, and even Advice of Valks (40–60)!
        • Click <HERE> to learn more about these series of events.
    • Wacky Toshi’s Research
      • Period: April 29 (after maintenance)–May 13 (before maintenance)
      • Bring back a lot of Marni’s Stones to use as samples for Wacky Toshi and he will reward you heavily.
      • Click <HERE> to learn more about how you can help Wacky Toshi!

    [Ongoing Events]

    • Boost Boost Boost!: April 22–May 6 (23:59 UTC)

    [Ended Events]

    • Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival 2020
    • Finto’s Juice Challenge


    • Major Update – Changes in Garmoth’s Attack Pattern
      • Changed the World Boss Garmoth’s attack pattern.

    Along with the release of Drieghan, Garmoth was introduced as a force to be reckoned with. However, as adventurers have become more powerful, Garmoth no longer seemed to pose a threat you would expect from a “Dragon”. Attack patterns, such as when she is invincible while floating in the air, were merely an inconvenience to those fighting against Garmoth. Therefore we made some changes to her attack patterns.

    In addition, we are thinking of ways to attach a sense of “challenge” and “rewards” to the world boss monsters, including Garmoth. However, we are trying to avoid suddenly increasing the difficulty, which may ruin your existing “play patterns”.

    • The pattern in which Garmoth interacts with sculptures when first appearing or when her HP was reduced to a certain level was removed.
      • When Garmoth flies up during battle and begins to charge up magic, you must now hit the magic a certain amount of times for it to be destroyed.
      • If you do not disrupt Garmoth from charging up magic, Garmoth will cast a powerful magic attack.
      • The Kagtums which appear when Garmoth cries out as she flies up into the air will now have increased HP, and more of them will now appear.
      • Fixed the issue where Garmoth would go back immediately into the air after landing on the ground during combat.
      • Reduced the amount of times Garmoth deals a jump attack while fighting on the ground.
      • Added a slight standby period after Garmoth deals a powerful attack.
      • Garmoth’s HP was increased by around 10%.
      • Garmoth’s DP was decreased.

    [Game World]

    • Fixed the visual issue where underwater effect appeared when moving the camera in a certain region of Cokro Chamber.


    • You can now obtain the knowledge of Bochlo by talking to the NPC when you don’t have this knowledge.

    [By Class]

    • Removed the dispersed damage effect which would be applied on certain Main Weapon and Succession skills.
      • Sinister Energy
      • Absolute Darkness
      • Mark of the Shadow
      • Claws of Darkness
      • Signs of Agony
    • Removed the dispersed damage effect which would be applied on certain Main Weapon and Succession skills.
      • Shield Strike
      • Shield Counter
      • Shield Push
      • Counter
      • Sharp Light
      • Punishment
      • Prime: Shining Dash 2nd Hit

    • Removed the dispersed damage effect which would be applied on certain Awakening skills.
      • Glissade
      • Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion

    The dispersed damage effect refers to the damage reduced or divided by the number of targets when attacking several enemies. Though it was our intention to add this effect to some specific skills only, we have identified cases in which the effect was unnecessarily applied on certain skills. Hence we have examined all skills and removed the dispersed damage effect which was unnecessarily applied on certain skills for all classes. You can check those skills on which the dispersed damage effect is applied in each skill description.

    • Changed the grade of the following 4 cooking items from green to blue and the ration provided when using these items for Emergency Ration Supply was increased from 100 to 240.
      • Lean Lizard Kebabs
      • Fragrant Borscht
      • Chewy Desert Dumpling
      • Sour Pickled Fish
    • Improved the recipe for [Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan so that you could craft 10 of it at once.
      • Use Heating on Young Sea Monster’s Neidan x100 and Black Stone Powder x10
      • Use Heating on Sea Monster’s Neidan x100 and Black Stone Powder x10
    • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here >!

    • CC status effect will now be applied normally when using attacks with this effect to any monsters from Drieghan’s Blood Wolf Settlement.


    • Added a text that guides you to the NPC you should talk to when losing the item needed for accepting the quest “Collecting Traces” to its quest summary.
    • You can now accept the following quests when you have activated the Combat quest filter.
      • Cron’s Current Condition
      • Story of Cron Castle
    • The notification text that appears when forfeiting a quest is now more precise and detailed.
    • Fixed the quest line for completing the quest “Black Spirit’s Gift (Adventurer’s Tome).”
    • Fixed the issue where the name of The Vengeful Spirit of Cron was being displayed incorrectly
    • Fixed the issue where the World Map (M)’s Node Information still showed the Investment Level gauge of the Node to which you had previously invested.
    • Added spacing to some of the texts that represent the day, hours, minutes, and/or seconds.
    • Added a text that informs you about the expiration date to the item descriptions of Weapon Exchange Coupons or Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupons with expiration dates.
    • Fixed the issue where the fog did not disappear from certain regions in the World Map (M) even after having found all nearby nodes.
    • Removed the word “Difficulty” from the Dark Rift list. Now, only the words that represent the difficulty (Normal, Difficult, or Very Difficult) will be displayed.
    • Fixed the issue where the texts for Occupying Areas from the Guild window overlapped when there were too many of them.
    • Fixed the issue where the Inventory and Storage balance from NPC Repair menu > Equipment window overlapped with the relevant category’s description text.
    • Fixed the issue where the Navigate button of some unaccepted quests did not appear in the Quest Summary window.
    • The alert that appears together with the alert on low durability on the bottom right corner of the screen will now be displayed for 6 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
      • However, this change does not apply to Central Market alerts.
    • A message that indicates you don’t have enough money will now be displayed when trying to recover a guild mount from the guild stable without sufficient guild funds.
    • Fixed the issue where the production time from the World Map (M)’s Map Production window was sometimes wrong.
    • Fixed the message that appears when trying to get an item while there is not enough space in the inventory to match the situation.

    • Fixed the issue where you could not accept the quest for reobtaining Dim Magical Sub-weapon for the Witch class.
    • Fixed the issue where your character was pushed back by the monster when using a skill that had Charge effect to this monster.
    • Fixed some monster names and texts that are related to items, quests, or knowledge to make them sound more natural.
    • Fixed the typo in the following skills’ descriptions.
      • [Musa] Prime: Blooming
      • [Sorceress] Turn-back Slash
    • Weapon Exchange Coupons’ tooltips regarding Caphras Stones have been updated.
      • There is no spec change on weapon exchange coupons.
    • [Witch] Fixed the issue where the distance moved when using Succession: Magical Evasion to the left was short compared to the distance moved when using the skill to the right.
    • Fixed the issue where the size of the NPC decreased when doing Conversation with the NPC Weikid Taha.
    • Fixed the issue where the name displayed after installing and interacting with Golden Amethyst Chandelier (Fluorescent) was incorrect.
    • Added a text to Golden Sunset Dining Table’s item description.
    • Fixed the issue where the horse disappeared upon dying.
    • Fixed the awkward sound that played when using Volley or FocusFire with any Carrack.

    • We are aware of the issue where the Event tag for the following premium outfits on sale may not be removed:
      • [Musa] Western Frontiers Premium Set: Sale ends April 29th
      • [Wizard] Lord Red Premium Set: Sale ends May 6th
        • The sale on these outfits ended/will end according to the schedule announced and the event tag will be removed with May 13th maintenance. We apologize for the confusion.
    • We are aware of the issue where you can fire ship cannons with a character that is under Lv. 50. No damage will be applied when firing the ship cannons with such a character. We will inform you about any updates on this issue as soon as possible.
    • We are aware of the issue where the Hot Time icon for normal server boosts of Combat EXP +100%/Skill EXP +20% on weekdays and Combat EXP +200%/Skill EXP +20% is not showing up on the top part of your game screen after the Boost Boost Boost! EXP buff event ends with May 6 (23:59 UTC). Please note that Hot Time EXP boost is properly applied and this is just the icon not showing. The icon missing issue will be fixed with May 13th maintenance. We apologize for the confusion.