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Greetings Adventurers,

Krogdalo, the celestial spirit of land and wind has come down to offer his majestic gear to adventurer’s mounts to improve their strength. Unleash the power of elements through Krogdalo’s Horse Gear and achieve a new level of power for your mount!

Also, one of our most popular contents will be permanent from now on, so forget about event times and schedules: Black Spirit’s Adventure 1 is here to stay!

As usual, we have fixes and other changes arriving to Black Desert Online, check them out below!

[New Events]

Adventurer Support Program Part 2

Play More, Get More

  • Event 1: Item Drop Rate +50%!
    • Period: August 28 (after maintenance)–September 4 (before maintenance)
    • Enjoy a +50% drop rate on monster loots, including accessories, during the entire event period.
    • Applicable to all EU/NA servers including Olvia (excluding Arsha)
  • Event 2: Get Item Collection Increase Scrolls!
    • Period: August 29 00:00 UTC–September 4 23:59 UTC
    • Enjoy refreshed set of Loyal attendance rewards
    • You can get Item Collection Increase Scroll x1 each time you accumulate 60 mins./120 mins. of playtime during the event period (a maximum of 2 hours per day, which means 2 scrolls per day).
  • Click <HERE> for the full details on these exciting events!

[Ongoing Events]

  • Adventurer Support Program Part 1: Aug. 22 00:00 UTC–Sept. 11 23:59 UTC

[Ended Events]

  • The Golden Current
  • Mysteries of Summer Continues: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom
  • Terrmian Waterpark

[Reward Distribution]

  • Shai Talent Update Events
    • Event rewards for reaching certain level of Life Skills have been sent out via in-game mail (B).
    • The special title ‘SHAIAYA’ rewarded to relevant winners can be found directly under Title tab in My Information (P).


  • The Black Spirit’s Adventure 1 is now a permanent addition to the game. Roll the dice every day and receive different rewards!
  • With the strange events happening at the Al Halam Sea near Orisha Island, the people of Altinova now call the area the “Sea of Silence”.
  •  Krogdalo’s Horse Gear is now available in three different types.
Krogdalo’s Champron – Earth Krogdalo’s Champron – Wind Krogdalo’s Champron – Sea
Krogdalo’s Barding – Earth Krogdalo’s Barding – Wind Krogdalo’s Barding – Sea
Krogdalo’s Saddle – Earth Krogdalo’s Saddle – Wind Krogdalo’s Saddle – Sea
Krogdalo’s Stirrups – Earth Krogdalo’s Stirrups – Wind Krogdalo’s Stirrups – Sea
Krogdalo’s Horseshoe – Earth Krogdalo’s Horseshoe – Wind Krogdalo’s Horseshoe – Sea
  •  Though its crafting difficulty level is high, it is now the best horse gear set available.
  • In addition to its great performance, it also unlocks the potential of horses to allow certain skills to become more powerful.
  • There are three types of Krogdalo’s Horse Gears and the Krogdalo Horse Gear set can be crafted from Stonetail Horse Ranch 3. Equipping 3 or more of the same type of horse gear will provide a set effect which enhances certain skills.
Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Earth
3-Set Effect Earth Slam (Charge) Charge Attack Range +70%, Charge Damage +50%
4-Set Effect Earth’s Echo (S: Fore Chop) Knockdown 60% of all enemies within 3.5 m radius, S: Fore Chop Damage +50%
5-Set Effect Earth’s Roar (Roar) Damage Reduction +3 and Evasion +3 to 10 allies for 30 min (including self)
Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Wind
3-Set Effect Wind Gust (Charge) Charge Speed +30%, Charge Damage +50%
4-Set Effect Wind’s Echo (S: Fore Chop) Knockback 70% of all enemies within 3.5 m radius, S: Fore Chop Damage +50%
5-Set Effect Wind’s Roar (Roar) AP +5 to 10 allies for 30 min (including self)
Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Sea
3-Set Effect Rising Tide (Charge) Enemy’s Movement Speed -20%, Charge Damage +50%
4-Set Effect Ocean’s Echo (S: Fore Chop) Attack/Casting Speed -20% of all enemies within 3.5 m radius
5-Set Effect Ocean’s Roar (Roar) Max HP/Stamina +100 to 10 allies for 30 min (including self)


[Game World]

  • Now Velia wharf will have more goods arriving.
  • New structures objects were added at Velia’s wharf.


  • You can now discover Mining and Excavation nodes from the Runaway Monster NPC in the Star’s End region.
  • Interacting with the sign at the old wharf in Velia will now indicate Croix’s location to you.
    • You can now sell items to NPC Proix.

  • Changed the location of where ships are summoned in some of the piers and wharves.
    • To prevent larger ships required for future expeditions from bumping into structures, the summon locations of ships were moved farther away from piers and wharves.
    • If the location is a little too far for direct boarding, you can use the mount icon at the top left of the screen to easily board ships by left clicking it.

  • You can now create a Shai Trial Character.
  • Added description to Hop saying that Hop can only be used to move forward when using a Sol.
  • Now you can obtain the following item when creating a Shai Trial Character.
    • Talent Secret: The Musician of Light
  • Now you can purchase the following item from Haz the <Vendor for Trial Characters>.
    • Shai Trial Weapon Box
  • Added graphic effects on donkeys when your Shai calls them with a Trainer’s Flute.
  • Added a new skill for Shai and her Donkey.
    • Shai now plays the flute, instead of whistling, to call her mount.
    • Shai can call her donkey to her with the Trainer’s Flute regardless of how far away the donkey is.
    • (You cannot have items on the donkey to do this and as before, you cannot call them in areas such as Aakman or Hystria where you cannot enter by ordinary methods.)

  • Description for the Fat Catfishman Summon Scroll item was revised.
  • Fixed the wrong recipe for Whale Meat Salad that appears in the mouseover tooltip when searching for the recipe with a Cooking Utensil. The recipe was missing “Dressing x2.”
  • [Event] Bloody Outfit Box (15 Days) is now also available for Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, and Lahn.
  • Bloody Outfit Box and [Event] Bloody Outfit Box are now also available for Lahn.
  • Fixed the wrong buff description in the mouseover tooltip of the buff icon that appears after using an Energizing Cron Meal. It was missing “Movement Speed +2.”
  • You can no longer use bleach if you do not have any dyed items.
  • Removed the description “use with RMB” from the pop-up tool tip of some of the Pearl Items.
  • Added Farm Wagon Registration for the Belle Epoque Wagon in the Pearl Shop.
  • Added Farm Wagon Registration for the Trina Knight Wagon in the Pearl Shop.
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

  • You can now immediately return to using your ship’s wheel after being dislodged from it during a Phantom Ship encounter.
  • The Phantom Ship will disappear after it is a certain distance away from you.
  • There is now a certain chance of gaining knowledge when defeating the following world bosses: Ancient Kutum, Nouver, and Mirumok Destroyer Offin.
  • Fixed the issue where the liberated soldiers of Red Orc Prison and the liberated Kagtum prisoners of Traitor’s Jail were attacking certain summoned creatures (e.g. Tett, Gorr, Marg, Arne, Heilang, Shai’s summoned spirits).
  • The boss Moghulis, which appears through the Dark Rift, was changed as follows.
    • You can now attack Moghulis when it is in the process of going into combat mode after detecting your presence. If Moghulis is attacked then, it will go immediately into combat mode.
    • Moghulis’s charge attack range was reduced by approximately 25%.
  • Fixed the issue where monsters near Moretti Plantation would pursue adventurers into the plantation and keep attacking them.


  • Revised the quest summary for the “Fishing Rod Production” quest to be more accurate.
  • Added a description to the quest summary for “[Boss] The Overlord of Omar Lava Cave” stating that you cannot be in possession of a summon scroll in order to accept the quest.
  • Adventurers who are Lv. 50 or higher and are Skilled 1 or higher in Hunting can now receive the following quests after completing the Looking for Adventurers quest:
    • The Poacher’s Irresistible Offer
    • [Repeat] Carrots in Exchange for Fruit
    • [Repeat] Looking for Weasels
  • Fixed the issue where the “Valentine’s Reward” quest would appear under the “Suggested” quests even after completing the quest as a Shai character.
  • You can now receive titles after completing the following quests:
    • The Eyewitness
    • [Boss] The Head of the Rebels

  • You can now see the full skill description displayed as a text bubble when you put your mouse cursor over the text abbreviation mark for a very long skill description in the Fairy window.
  • Photo Mode will now be turned off whenever a macro restriction window pops up during Photo Mode.
  • Added a function that displays the Market Tax reduction value due to any Value Pack and/or Family Fame on the right side of the item volume in the Central Market.
  • Fixed the Maid/Butler List window to open near the Maid/Butler icon.
  • [Updated 8/30] Color brightness and saturation of item name texts have been adjusted.

  • Fixed the issue where an error page appeared when you typed only one letter in the Saying of the Day and pressed [Enter] in the Guild window (G).
  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where the dye part #1 would not be placed properly when equipped with the Arrendo Shield.
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where the tail part of the Vixen Outfit would appear cut off when equipped together with the Lahr Arcien Shoes (R).
  • [Tamer] Fixed the issue where the Shortsword and Celestial Bo Staff were abnormally displayed when using the following skills from standby mode of the Celestial Bo Staff.
    • Heilang: Whiplash, Heilang: Trample, Heilang: Scratch, Heilang: Fearful Trembling, Heilang: Roaring, Heilang: Upward Claw, Heilang: Lightning of Earth, Heilang: Surging Tide
  • [Witch] Fixed the issue where the chest area for the armor would look unnatural when adjusting the chest size to the maximum size after equipping the Floree clothes.
  • [Musa] Fixed the issue where the knee part would look unnatural when equipping the Desert Camouflage.
  • [Musa] Fixed the issue where the thigh part would look unnatural when equipping the Nouse’s Shard outfit.
  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the Kydict accessory would look like another accessory when equipped.
  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the backside of the skirt for the Sanguine Petal outfit would appear cut off when equipping it together with Urugon’s Shoes.
  • [Lahn] Fixed the issue where the backside of the head would disappear when selecting head shape #1 after equipping the [Lahn] Lahr Arcien Helmet (R).
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the chains on the bottoms would look unnatural when equipped with the Ignis outfit.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the key guide for Luthraghon’s Call was incorrectly displayed in the summary of the Archer Ascension quest “[Archer] The Watchers of Adùir – Battle.”
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the hair color would turn brown regardless of the customized hair color when equipping the Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the neck area would look unnatural when equipping the Canape costume.
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where you could still talk to NPC Eil even when you couldn’t see him, while progressing through the talent quest series with Shai.
  • [Musa, Maehwa] Fixed the issue where Forward Roll didn’t work while in Awakening Weapon mode.
  • [Kunoichi] Fixed the issue where Ninja Evasion didn’t work while in Awakening Weapon mode.
  • [Kunoichi] Fixed the typo in the description of Black Spirit Chain Crash: Sah Chakram.
  • [Dark Knight] Fixed the issue where the critical hit rate was incorrectly applied to Absolute: Kriegsmesser Training.
  • [Witch, Wizard] Fixed the description of Awakening Flow skills where accuracy was shown as 0.
  • [All classes] Fixed the graphical issue of the character being displayed as a black silhouette for too long when entering a cut scene.
  • [Sorceress, Ranger, Tamer, Striker, Mystic, Archer, Lahn, Valkyrie, Dark Knight] Fixed the issue where Evasion didn’t work while in Awakening Weapon mode.
  • [Berserker] Fixed an issue where you couldn’t dye the Tantu Axe while in Remastered Mode.
  • [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where the string of the Pirate Eyepatch pierced through the hat when equipping the eyepatch while equipping the Epheria Marine Helmet.
  • [Ninja] Fixed the incorrect description of Absolute: Boss Slaughter which included effects that did not actually apply (Increases Attack Speed, Movement Distance up).
  • Fixed the issue where you could not roll when having a trade item load on your back if your main weapon was not equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where the Outpost Supply Port ship sank.
  • Fixed the issue where Lifespan was wrongly displayed as Power in the Ship Info of the Old Bartali Sailboat.
  • Fixed the intermittent issue where you couldn’t buy items from NPC shops when failing to open the Campsite Storage.
  • Fixed the issue where skills looked overlapped in every skill tab from the Skill (K) window.
  • Fixed the issue where you could select multiple item lists from the Central Market’s Marketplace.
  • Fixed the issue where the message displayed in the following situations only showed the title without any content.
    • When you can learn a new skill
    • When you have learned a new skill
    • When you can learn a skill
    • When a mount perfectly learns a skill
    • When a pet learns a skill
    • When a fairy learns a skill
    • When the fish size is updated
    • When you complete a Knowledge
    • When you gain a product of Alchemy
    • When you gain a product of Processing
    • When you hire a worker
    • When you activate an Exploration Node
    • When you gain a Knowledge
    • When you gain an item
  • Fixed the issue where “Show Talent” button at the bottom was displayed as “Show Awakening weapon” button when checking Shai Outfit at the Pearl Shop (F3) with another class.
  • Fixed the issue where Hekarus of certain region could go through an island.
  • Fixed the issue where you could start the Bargain Game even when it’s impossible to do so while you have the Merchant buff.
  • Fixed the issue where auto move navigation took a long detour when used within Calpheon.
  • Fixed the auto move navigation route when used near the Isolated Sentry Post.
  • Fixed the issue where the available transport weight displayed the wrong information in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where certain windows in Calpheon City sometimes would not open.
  • Fixed the graphical issue with the grass near Calpheon Castle Site.
  • Fixed the issue where you could walk through certain trees at Cyclops Land.
  • Fixed the issue where the game lagged when you were moving in certain locations.
  • Fixed the effect location of the Outpost Supply Port’s ship to be more natural.
  • Fixed the graphical issue of the front side of the NPC when interacting with a specific NPC in Kamasylvia.
  • Fixed the issue where the incorrect number of Cannon Balls for Ships would be taken from the ship’s inventory.
  • Fixed the issue where completing the Tungrad Knowledge category still displayed that you could receive 1 additional Energy.

[Updated 8/30]

  • Fixed the intermittent lag issue that occurred when entering towns. Please restart your client to download the latest patch to have the fix applied.

[Updated 8/29]

  • We are aware of the issue where the Sell button in NPC Shops is not working properly. From the Purchase window, please right-click on the item you wish to sell directly from Inventory (I) to sell the item. We apologize for the inconvenence. This will be resolved in next week’s update.