24.06.2020 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Database
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Greetings Adventurers,

A new island has been discovered near the western coast of Kamasylvia! The Papus and the Otters have been fighting for a thousand years in Papua Crinea and now they are looking for new fluffy allies to change the course of this endless war. Will you pledge allegiance to the Papus or the Otters?

Also, a new armor will be available starting today: the Blackstar Armor. Complete the crafting quests about this new armor and reach a new level of power with your character!

Someone said new donkey gear? Yes, you heard it right! Our cutest mounts are receiving new gear that will make them more special than ever. Equip your donkey with the Granverre or Krogdalo gear to activate special buff effects and skills!

What are you waiting for? Check the details about this week’s patch below. Enjoy!


[New Events]

  • Papua Crinea Launch Events
    • Event 1. Let’s Play Hide-and-seek
      • Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–July 8 (before maintenance)
      • Find NPCs who are disguised are hiding all over Grándiha and Papua Crinea for your chance to get Advice of Valks (+50).
    • Event 2. Pa! Stab! Pu! Retrieve!
      • Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–July 8 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, log in daily and play daily to obtain a reward that will help you enjoy the event challenge from the Challenges tab (Y).
      • Click <Here> for the full details!
  • Attendance Rewards Rewind
    • Check in daily for amazing attendance rewards prepared for players of all types.
    • Season Special Attendance Rewards
      • Period: June 25 (00:00 UTC)–July 15 (23:59 UTC)
      • Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days), several Advice of Valks items, and Wizard Gosphy all in one attendance board!
    • Rookie Attendance Rewards
      • Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–October 7 (before maintenance)
      • Enjoy daily attendance rewards like [Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days), Value Pack (7 Days), and [Event] Gold Bar Box to settle into the world of Black Desert Online!
    • Returning Attendance Rewards
      • Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–October 7 (before maintenance)
      • Return to Black Desert Online and claim rewards like [Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal, Advice of Valks (+50), and Fine Accessory Box III to catch up.
      • Click <Here> for the full details on the attendance boards above.
  • Papu or Otter?
    • Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–July 6 (23:59 UTC)
    • Collect coins from Kitma the Papu or Natuo the Otter on a daily basis to spend after the event ends. If there are more coins of one type circulating, then the value of that coin will fall. On the other hand, the rarer coin will rise in value.
    • Click <Here> to see full details on how you and your fellow adventurers’ decisions can affect the value of your coins.
  • Fughar’s Black Pearl (available in Season Servers only)
    • Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–July 8 (before maintenance)
    • During the event period, defeat monsters in the Season Servers to obtain the item [Event] Fughar’s Black Pearl at a certain chance.
    • You can exchange [Event] Fughar’s Black Pearl for the following items below.
      • You can continue to exchange these items via NPC Fughar (in Season Servers) even after the event ends.
Item to Exchange Exchange for
[Event] Fughar’s Black Pearl x1 Time-filled Black Stone x10
[Event] Fughar’s Black Pearl x1 Tuvala Ore x3
[Event] Fughar’s Black Pearl x1 Refined Magical Black Stone x2


[Coming Next Week]

  • Vell Extra Spawn
    • Period: July 1–Until further notice
    • Starting July 1, enjoy an extra chance to challenge Vell every Wednesday!
    • Click <Here> for details on the additional Vell spawn schedule.


[Ongoing Events]

  • Season Server Launch Events
    • Event 1: Summer Season Playtime Challenge: June 18–July 29 (23:59 UTC)
    • Event 2: Leveling Aid Challenge: June 18–July 1 (before maintenance)
    • Event 3: Get Refined Magical Black Stones: June 18–July 15 (before maintenance)
    • Event 4: Hot Summer Time: June 17–July 1 (before maintenance)
    • Event 5: Time-filled Mysterious Knight: June 17–July 1 (before maintenance)
  • Refer-a-Friend Promotion is Back!: June 17–July 15 (before maintenance)
  • [SNS Event] Caption This!
    • Submission Date (Post on your SNS!): June 17 (after maintenance)–June 30 (23:59 UTC)
    • Winner’s Announcement: July 3
    • Reward Distribution: July 8 (during maintenance)


[Ended Events]

  • Suppressed Boss Gear Event
  • Track Down Jimmy Brooks
  • Arsha Leaderboard


[Reward Distribution]

  • Arsha Leaderboard Returns: Season Rewards: Final Week
    • The rewards of Season 4 of the Arsha Leaderboard have been sent! The Grand Rewards will be sent in the upcoming days via in-game mail.
  • Shai’s Got Talent
    • Winner’s post
    • Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants once again! Your rewards have been sent to your in-game mailbox (B). Thank you, keep calm, and play on!

Major Update: Grándiha & Papua Crinea

The islands of Grándiha and Papua Crinea were designed to seem a bit more peaceful compared to the mainland. We hope you can enjoy them as island retreats, since in your character’s original form there’s not much to do on the island of Papua Crinea. This could be perfect for the adventurer worn out from battle and amassing wealth.

However, there are still many secrets that lay dormant within the island of Papua Crinea. If you transform into one of the locals, you can experience content never seen before. If you choose to do so, it would be wise to gain the trust of the islanders for the countless adventures that lay ahead!

  • The islands of Grándiha and Papua Crinea have been added.
    • Lakiaros do not grow at Papua Crinea.



Grándiha, which used to serve as the port of Grána, was abandoned after the Ahibs fled to O’dyllita but have recently been reopened. Grándiha provides a convenient departure point for Papua Crinea, the island of the warring Papus and Otters.



Papua Crinea is located off the western coast of Kamasylvia. You can easily reach it by sailing north from Grándiha.



The Papus and Otters of Papua Crinea have been fighting each other for generations in the Thousand Year War. If you choose to fight for the Papus, you will be able to befriend Empress Papuraora but will alienate the Otters. Conversely, if you choose to fight for the Otters, you will get close to General Crioniak but get on bad terms with the Papus.


If your amity with Empress Papuraora or General Crioniak falls below -2500, you will not be able to talk with the Papus or Otters on Papua Crinea (depending on which authority figure you are on bad terms with), even if you are transformed into one of them. For example, if you have low amity with Empress Papuraora, even if you are transformed into a Papu you won’t be able to converse with other Papus.


Unlike the Papus and Otters you may have encountered on the main continent, those on Papua Crinea were so isolated from the mainland that they do not know how to communicate with you in your language.



To infiltrate the Papus or the Otters, you need to transform yourself into one of them. The secret to doing this is guarded by the Lamute Gang.


  • Added quests for Papua Crinea.
    • To start on your new adventure, accept the quest [Papua Crinea] An Amazing Gift Just for You from the Black Spirit with a character that is at least Lv. 58.
    • Papua Crinea quests can be found in the Quest (O) window → Suggested tab → [Great Expedition] Papua Crinea.
  • You can transform into Otters and Papus with the help of the Darkcloud Shapeshifting Dictionary from the Lamute Gang.
    • Each Papu and Otter type has different skill sets, which can be seen at the bottom right once you transform into them.
    • Transformation scrolls can only be used in certain places where you cannot be seen by Otters or Papus. Right click a scroll at a designated location to transform.
    • Because the Lamute Gang’s Darkcloud Shapeshifting Dictionary is still a work in progress, you cannot jump or move backward while you are transformed. Also, swimming will automatically undo your transformation.
  • Added quests to train against different stoneback crabs while you are disguised as a Papu or an Otter.
    • Completing these quests will give you transformation scrolls you can use for 1 day.
  • Added the following new creatures for Papua Crinea. These two monsters don’t attack you first and are well disguised, which makes it hard to find them. You cannot attack them with a normal character. Only a Papu or an Otter will be able to.
    • Lazy Rock Spirit
    • Lazy Cloudy Rain Mushroom
  • Added the following 3 new coins. You can exchange these coins for various items.
    • Lamute Gang’s Benns Coin
      • This coin can be obtained with Grándiha’s daily quests. Lamute Gang’s Benns Coin x1 can be exchanged for Rainbow Petal Coin x1 or Rainbow Fish Bone Coin x1 via Benns Lamute.
    • Rainbow Petal Coin
      • Coin used by the Papus. It can be obtained by completing the Papuraora Island quests.
    • Rainbow Fish Bone Coin
      • Coin used by the Otters. It can be obtained by completing the Crioniak Island quests.
  • Added new following titles, which can be received by completing certain quests at Papua Crinea.
    • Generic title
      • Lamute Gang
    • Papu titles
      • Papus are Tricksters
      • The Golden Age of the Papunini
      • Pa! Then stab! Pu! Then withdraw!
      • Victorious Fruit Soldier
    • Otter titles
      • Dizzy Whizzy
      • Hakuna M’Otters
      • Otter Military Cadet
      • Otter Soldier
  • Added new knowledge entries and trade items for Grándiha and Papua Crinea.
  • Opened up sea routes through Serni Sea and Elsana Sea.
  • Added currents to Serni Sea and Elsana Sea.
    • The currents there can go up to 20 on our currents scale.
  • Added the item Ship License: Epheria Cog (Lamute Gang’s Special Cog).
    • You can get this ship license by completing the quest [Papua Crinea] Lamute Gang, then talking to NPC Benns Ruberen at the wharf of Grándiha.
    • The stats of the ship are the same as that of the Epheria Cog.


The Thousand Year War between the Papus and Otters reached a pivotal point, and they are battling every day.

Adventurers who have completed the Papua Crinea quests and received the transformation scrolls to turn into Papus or Otters can keep gaining amity with the Papus or Otters and join them in the battlefield. When a battle breaks out, an alert will be seen throughout the server. If you want to participate go to Papua Crinea, then transform into your Papu or Otter form and volunteer for your side in the fight for pride and glory!

  • The Thousand Year War between the Papus and Otters of Papua Crinea seems to have rekindled.
    • Every day, the Papus and Otters will battle it out on Bloodshed Beach, in three random servers.
    • If you are in one of these servers when the battle breaks out, an alert message will appear on your screen.
    • Transform into a Papu and Otter and join in the fight! The battle should last around 20 minutes.
    • You can exchange your loot from the battle for Rainbow Fish Bone Coin or Rainbow Petal Coin.


  • For more details, refer to our guide on Papua Crinea <Here>.


Major Update: New Donkey Gear

We are planning to make the donkey better suited to the role of your companion and means of transportation. However, we don’t want the donkey to dethrone the horse. Instead, we want the donkey to be able to do certain things horses cannot do, as well as bring out the unique charms only a donkey can have.

  • Added Granverre and Krogdalo gear for donkeys.
    • You can craft these new donkey gear (including champrons, bardings, saddles, stirrups, and horseshoes) at a Horse Gear Workshop.
    • You can get Iridescent Pebbles from the Otter NPC Jabuo or Papu NPC Benitu through exchange.
Item Crafting Materials
[Donkey] Granverre Feather Champron





  • Supreme Lightweight Plume x10
  • Supreme Hard Hide x1
  • Golden Pearl x1
  • Pure Forest Breath x1
  • Iridescent Pebble x1
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Champron





  • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1
  • Garmoth’s Scale x10
  • Earth Spirit Stone Fragment x20
  • Iridescent Pebble x3
  • Golden Sun Coral x20
[Donkey] Granverre Leather Barding





  • Supreme Hard Hide x10
  • Supreme Soft Hide x1
  • Pure Iron Crystal x1
  • Pure Forest Breath x1
  • Iridescent Pebble x1
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Barding





  • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1
  • Garmoth’s Scale x10
  • Wind Spirit Stone Fragment x20
  • Iridescent Pebble x3
  • Pure Noc Crystal x8
[Donkey] Granverre Leather Saddle


  • Supreme Soft Hide x10
  • Supreme Thin Hide x1
  • Golden Pearl x1
  • Pure Forest Breath x1
  • Iridescent Pebble x1
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Saddle



  • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1
  • Garmoth’s Scale x10
  • Water Spirit Stone Fragment x20
  • Iridescent Pebble x3
  • Supreme Soft Hide x25
[Donkey] Granverre Leather Stirrups





  • Supreme Tough Hide x10
  • Pure Vanadium Crystal x1
  • Glue x10
  • Pure Forest Breath x1
  • Iridescent Pebble x1
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Stirrups





  • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1
  • Garmoth’s Scale x10
  • Wind Spirit Stone Fragment x20
  • Iridescent Pebble x3
  • Supreme Hide x20
[Donkey] Granverre Metal Horseshoe





  • Pure Titanium Crystal x10
  • Alluvial Gold x10
  • Glue x10
  • Pure Forest Breath x1
  • Iridescent Pebble x1
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Horseshoe





  • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1
  • Garmoth’s Scale x10
  • Earth Spirit Stone Fragment x20
  • Iridescent Pebble x3
  • Prairie Green Coral x20
  • Pressing SPACE while riding a donkey equipped with Granverre or Krogdalo gear will allow it to roar and activate a buff effect.
    • The cooldown for a donkey roar is 5 minutes.
    • The set effects of the Granverre or Krogdalo donkey gear are as follows.
    • When your donkey roars, you and 9 of your nearby allies will enjoy the special buff for 30 minutes.
    • Character death will end the buff prematurely.
    • The buff effect from a donkey’s roar stacks with other Life EXP buffs.
    • However, the Granverre set effect and Krogdalo set effect do not stack, and the better effect will be applied.
Item Requirement Effect
[Donkey] Granverre Feather Champron Equipping 5 items of the same set Life EXP +3%
[Donkey] Granverre Leather Barding
[Donkey] Granverre Leather Saddle
[Donkey] Granverre Leather Stirrups
[Donkey] Granverre Metal Horseshoe
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Champron Equipping 1 items of the same set Life EXP +3%
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Barding
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Saddle
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Stirrups Equipping 3 items of the same set Life EXP +5%
[Donkey] Krogdalo’s Horseshoe Equipping 5 items of the same set Life EXP +10%



Major Update: Blackstar Armor

  • Added a new piece of defense gear, Blackstar Armor.

Image Item

Blackstar Armor
  • Added quests about crafting Blackstar Armor.
    • The quests can only be completed once per character.
    • To accept the first quest of the series, you need to have the “Remnants of the Rift” item and the knowledge of “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah.”
    • Remnants of the Rift drops at a low rate from Dark Rift bosses.
    • You can obtain the knowledge of “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah” by obtaining and completing “The Three Blacksmiths” quest from Tulem, after you complete the renewed Mediah Main quests once you reach Lv. 56 or higher. If you have completed the quests but don’t have the knowledge, try talking to Tulem again.
    • During the quests, you will be able to choose between battling the boss at its full strength, or fighting a weakened version of the boss.
  • Added the item Specter’s Energy, which is needed to craft Blackstar Armor.
    • Specter’s Energy is dropped in the following monster zones. You can also check which monster zones drop Specter’s Energy via the Item Drop window in the ESC menu.
      • Bashim Base
      • Titium Valley
      • Desert Naga Temple
      • Waragon Nest
      • Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
      • Cadry Ruins
      • Crescent Shrine
      • Taphtar Plain
      • Basilisk Den
      • Pila Ku Jail
      • Roud Sulfur Mine
      • Polly’s Forest
      • Loopy Tree Forest
      • Manshaum Forest
      • Tooth Fairy Forest
      • Tshira Ruins
      • Blood Wolf Settlement
      • Sherekhan Necropolis
      • Protty Cave
      • Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone)


Major Update: Golden Seal

  • The imperial house will be giving out new golden seals.
    • These new seals are rewarded to those who have provided a service for the Imperial Delivery system, such as providing alchemy boxes or trained horses, and can be exchanged for special items.
    • These seals are not interchangeable with the old “shiny” golden seals from the imperial house. You can only exchange the new seals with the new list of items, and the old seals with the old list of items.





  • Improved the sound quality of voice chats and reduced the frequency the voice chat would cut out.

  • Changed the effect that slows down your Epheria Carrack after it shoots its cannons so it’s less drastic.

  • Changed the grade of Design: Epheria Sailboat to white, to match the grade of Design: Epheria Frigate.
  • You can now use Heating in the Processing window (L) on one of the following items to get Concentrated Boss’s Aura x1.
    • Giath’s Helmet
    • Bheg’s Gloves
    • Griffon’s Helmet
    • Leebur’s Gloves
    • Red Nose’s Armor
    • Muskan’s Shoes
    • Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
    • Urugon’s Shoes
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !



  • Characters that completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting (from the older series of main quests) can now accept the quests for re-obtaining magical armor and sub-weapons.
  • Added the item Traveler’s Map to the rewards for completing the following quests, to help out adventurers starting out their journey.
Region Quest
Calpheon The Qualities of a God
Mediah Cursed Chest
Valencia Kibelius, the Ancient Spear


  • Shaded the font of the descriptions of the Group Chat window for better legibility.
  • Fixed the issue where the titles in the Chat Group window overlapped with certain images there.
  • Fixed the issue where certain text was bleeding out of the Skill Cooldown Slot window.
  • Added a notification message that disabling Auto-align Quick Slot in the Edit UI window will reset all UI settings to default.
  • Made the knowledge rank colors for Knowledge (Ecology) Effect mouseover tooltips in the Knowledge (H) window more uniform.
  • Fixed the notification that pops up when using Leave Guild, Disband Guild, or Call Off Guild War in the Guild (G) window to not allow hotkeys.
  • Fixed the zoom in/out buttons that appear when using the Examine function to not disappear even after zooming in/out.
  • Fixed the issue with the awkward position of the War Hero window’s menu that occurred when clicking a name displayed on the bottom portion of a long list of War Heroes.

  • Fixed the issue where the Hot Summer Time boost was not applied to all time slots for all regions.
  • Fixed the issue where the full versions of text that have been cut short in the Chat Group window with ellipses did not show properly.
  • Fixed the issue where completing the challenge “Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear I” with an activated Black Spirit Pass gave you Tuvala Ore x1 instead of Tuvala Ore x40.
    • The missing Tuvala Ore x39 have been sent to the affected players during the June 24 maintenance. They can be claimed from the in-game mailbox (B).
  • [Ranger] Fixed the graphical issue with the lower lip that occurred with certain face shapes.
  • Fixed the graphical issues with the following apparel.
    •  [Ranger] Noel
  • Fixed the issue of Altar of Blood not progressing after the stage 6 boss was defeated.
  • Fixed the issue with the button for giving llama meat not disappearing even after fulfilling the conditions of the quest Nutritious Llama Meat.
  • Removed certain text from the knowledge entries of Pasenia, Galutboar, and Adin that did not belong.
  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal system message was displayed when attempting to resupply one’s ship while having only 1 portion of rations.
  • Fixed the issue with the Gathering icon being displayed in areas with no gatherable item.
  • Fixed the issue where the mount skill information in the Horse Market window was not accessible on the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue where a guild master who had the operation rights in the Arena of Arsha could not enter the arena via the reservation window.
  • Removed the title text in the Individual Battle Select Participation window of Arena of Arsha.
  • Fixed the issue where characters appeared to be floating in the air while riding an elevator.