22.04.2020 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Database
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Greetings Adventurers,

Many of you have been waiting to achieve a new rare item in Black Desert Online after Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass and the Archaeologist’s Map, that is why starting today you will be able to go in search of a new special item: Ornette’s Spirit Essence and Odore’s Spirit Essence! Good luck in the search of these never-ending potions!

Also, for the most courageous sailors, you have a new treasure hunt in the Margoria Seas: Ebenruth’s Nol. This new item will allow your ship to use BreezySail twice consecutively! Sail the seas at the speed of light!

Today we also bring you a boost event in which you can enjoy Combat EXP, Skill EXP and Item Drop Rate boost 24/7! There is not excuse now to achieve higher levels!

You can read the rest of details of this week’s update below:

[New Events]

  • Boost Boost Boost!
    • Period: April 22 (after maintenance)–May 6 (23:59 UTC)
    • Enjoy Combat EXP +100%, Skill EXP +20%, and Item Drop Rate Boost +50% 24/7 during this entire event period!
  • Loyal Attendance Rewards Refreshed
    • Period: April 23 (00:00 UTC)–May 27 (23:59 UTC)
    • Check attendance daily and stack up on rewards including [Event] Artisan’s Memory, Valks’ Cry, [Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seals, and even a Fine Accessory Box II!
    • Click <Here> for the details attendance reward board and EXP boost events!

[Ongoing Events]

  • Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival 2020: April 8–April 29 (before maintenance)
  • Finto’s Juice Challenge: April 16 (00:00 UTC)–April 28 (23:59 UTC)

[Ended Events]

  • Refer-a-Friend Promotion
  • The Golden Goose
  • Spring Playtime Challenge: Available until April 22 (23:59 UTC!)

[Reward Distribution]

  • Compensation of April Fools 2020 Reward Distribution
    • We have confirmed that some adventurers have not received an additional reward for April Fools’ 2020 event even when they gave the successful lie. We apologize for the confusion and we have sent your missing reward to your in-game mailbox (B). Thank you for your patience.


  • Major Update – Ornette’s Spirit Essence & Odore’s Spirit Essence.
    • The relics of Spirits and dragons have been found in Kamasylvia and Drieghan.
    • Collect all of the following relics to receive the blessing of Merindora, the eldest Spirit of Kamasylvia. Then collect more hidden relics to make the never-ending Ornette’s Spirit Essence and Odore’s Spirit Essence.

[How to obtain]

  • First, collect relics that can be looted from defeating monsters in certain regions:
Region in Drieghan Obtain
Sherekhan Necropolis Sherekhan’s Panacea
Blood Wolf Settlement Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak
Tshira Ruins Markthanan’s Gland
Region in Kamasylvia Obtain
Tooth Fairy Forest Ron’s Tintinnabulum
Navarn Steppe Valtarra’s Clairvoyance
Manshaum Forest Narc’s Crimson Tear
  • You can obtain Valtarra’s Clairvoyance by defeating and tanning Ferrica, Ferrina, Belladonna Elephant, or Baby Belladonna Elephant of Navarn Steppe. Other relics can be obtained by defeating monsters.
    • The listed items will not disappear even after being used.
  • Second, visit NPC Merindora, the eldest Spirit of Kamasylvia, to gain knowledge on the spirit essences that will lead you to obtain the following relics that need to be prepared additionally:
    • Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone
    • Gayak’s Courage Stone
    • Night Crow’s Dawn Stone
    • Krogdalo’s Protection Stone
  • Third, once you have all necessary relics in place, arrange-and-combine them in certain order in your Inventory (I) to get your exclusive spirit essences.

Ornette’s Spirit Essence

Odore’s Spirit Essence

– Effect: HP +275 Recovery

– Duration: Instant

– Cooldown: 2 sec

– There is a 45% recovery bonus if it is used when a character is immobile.

– Effect: MP, WP, SP +325 Recovery

– Duration: Instant

– Cooldown: 6 sec


Obtaining a rare item such as Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass or Archaeologist’s Map that anyone would envy you for must be one of the greatest wishes a world of fantasy genres offers to its characters.

We wanted to provide such a challenging process as a big goal for players to enjoy, but we were very cautious in making these additions, since a rare item is indeed rare and therefore highly valuable.

We wanted to provide a new rare item that all of our players would love and chase after, and it is known as a “treasure” among the developers and the concept of this new treasure is “a never-ending potion.”

We will keep adding items that could become a big goal for our players, an item that is symbolically meaningful and enjoyable. Of course, you will have to seek your way through the challenging process to collect and create these never-ending potions long sought-after.

  • Materials for Ornette’s Spirit Essence and Odore’s Spirit Essence were added to the Item Drop window in the ESC menu.
  • Added a message which will be displayed when obtaining a material for Ornette’s Spirit Essence or for Odore’s Spirit Essence after defeating monsters.
    • Equally, a message will appear when combining Ornette’s Spirit Essence or Odore’s Spirit Essence.


  • Major Update – Ebenruth’s Nol
    • Added Ebenruth’s Nol, a treasure item that can be equipped to an Epheria Carrack.
      • An Epheria Carrack equipped with Ebenruth’s Nol can use BreezySail twice consecutively.
      • Note the installed ship needs Acceleration 135% or higher, Brake 160% or higher in order to equip an Ebenruth’s Nol.
Combine To get


Symbol-Engraved Nol

Ebenruth’s Nol

  • You can obtain “Ebenruth’s Nol” from your Inventory by combining “Ebenruth” with “Symbol-Engraved Nol.”
    • You can obtain “Symbol-Engraved Nol” and other valuable items from a “Treasure Chest of a Sailor” at a low chance.
      • You can obtain Ebenruth by processing 1,000 “Oquilla’s Flowers” and 1 “Oquilla’s Tear.”
      • You can purchase “Oquilla’s Tear” and “Oquilla’s Flower” at the Crow Coin Shop, but Oquilla’s Flower can also be obtained in different ways. Try to search your way to obtain the desired treasure highly-sought after.
    • You can now obtain a “Moss-Covered Map” at a low chance when defeating Saltwater Crocodiles.
      • You can perform Simple Alchemy with “Moss-Covered Map” and “Ravinia’s Moss Remover” to remove the moss from the map. “Ravinia’s Moss Remover” can be purchased at the Crow Coin Shop.
    • 4 items were newly-added to the Crow Coin Exchange shop.
      • Ravinia’s Moss Remover
      • Oquilla’s Flower
      • Oquilla’s Tear
      • Ebenruth’s Nol

When “Symbol-Engraved Nol” was discovered for the first time, the sailors considered it to be a sort of stone that had come off the ruins.

However, an adventurer who was sailing the sea following the map he had found from a saltwater crocodile’s insides succeeded in discovering the identity of this strange fragment.

Rumors say that the adventurer’s ship rode on the wind and disappeared beyond the horizon.


  • Major Update – FocusFire Skill
    • The “FocusFire” skill was added to ships.

Firing cannons is currently intuitive to use, yet it’s difficult to precisely hit targets that are far away. The FocusFire system was introduced to make it easier and more precise when aiming at targets.

Witness the precision of the new system, even as you cut through the rough waves.

  • Your view will completely change once you switch to FocusFire mode, and this will allow you to be more precise.
    • In FocusFire mode, you can quickly shoot cannons to targets far away since you do not have to hold in the mouse buttons.
    • You can use the FocusFire mode while using other sailing skills, except the Ram skill.
    • You can press Q or E to switch between aiming left and right for the FocusFire mode.
    • Due to this, the Ram skill’s hotkey was changed from the Q key to the F key.
Left FocusFire Mode Right FocusFire Mode
Q key switches to “Left FocusFire Mode”

Pressing Q key again switches back to “Default Mode”

Spacebar switches to  Default Mode

E key switches to “Right FocusFire Mode”

You can fire only through the portside by pressing LMB

E key switches to “Right FocusFire Mode

Pressing E key again switches back to “Default Mode”

Spacebar switches to “Default Mode”

Q key switches to “Left FocusFire Mode”

You can fire only through the starboard by pressing LMB

  • FocusFire skill can be used by the following ships.
    • Epheria Carrack
    • Epheria Caravel
    • Epheria Galleass
    • Improved Epheria Sailboat
    • Improved Epheria Frigate
  • The portside and starboard cannons will now have separate cooldown times for reloading cannons on a ship.
    • This means that you can now fire cannons from the other side, if either the portside or starboard is on a cooldown.
  • You can now fire simultaneously from the portside and starboard by clicking on the LMB and RMB at the same time while on default firing mode.
    • However, you can only fire from one side at a time while in FocusFire mode.
  • You can now get off the ship during the cooldown for reloading cannons.


  • Added four new types of sailors.
    • These new sailors also hold new stats in Force, Vision, and Focus that will affect your sailing.
    • The new sailors are waiting for their captain at Velia’s Lunar Halo Inn and on Iliya Island.


  • The number of Total Likes for all Chat Groups will be reset with today’s maintenance and those adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icon will receive a temporary Title of 90 days for their diligent participation.
    • These temporary titles do have special colors to them.
Chat Group Gold Silver Bronze
Lunar Halo Inn Protector of Newbies Luminary of Newbies Herald of Newbies
Dancing Marlin Tavern Oh Captain, My Captain Reliable First Mate Hardworking Steerer
Battle Arena Fist of Legend Born to Fight Backstreet Fighter
Hystria Ruins Relentless Slayer Perceptive Hunter Clever Tracker
Florin Neighborhood Meeting Touch of Midas Crafty Diligent Life Skiller
  • The next number of Total Likes for Chat Groups will be reset approximately three months later, with the July 22nd (Wednesday) maintenance.
    • Garnier Troupe Chat Group title will become available after the relevant update in the future.


  • Fixed the noise and echoing issues during a voice chat.
  • You can now see the status of the character who’s speaking in the guild window better.

[All Classes]

  • A strong burst of energy will hit monsters when your character levels up now.
  • Fixed the issue where your game journal recorded instances when your ship was wrecked by a character who was fighting in a Node War.

[By Class]

  • Fixed the issue where certain skills caused the Vine Knot to Flow: Rooting combo to not trigger.

  • Fixed the issue where a falling motion was made after using Flow: Rushing Crow to change into Scythe combat mode, even when the skill was used at a low altitude.
  • Fixed the issue where a falling motion was made after using Night Crow midair in Scythe combat mode, even when the skill was used at a low altitude.
  • Fixed the issue where you could use Cartian’s Protection by rapidly right-clicking during Flow: Requiem.

  • Fixed the issue where Flow: Split Shot would sometimes not hit all ten possible targets.

  • You can now use Prime: Purificatione by pressing W + C during Shield Chase or Prime: Shield Chase.

  • Changed Petal Bloom as follows.
    • Changed the “Forward Guard while charging” effect to a Super Armor effect that will last from the charging stage to the end of the attack.
    • Removed the “Knockdown on good hits” effect.
    • Stamina will no longer recover during this skill.
    • Petal Bloom’s charging will be omitted during General Apricot. When using this skill during General Apricot, the latter will allow the Charged Hit Damage to be applied instead of the regular Hit Damage.
  • Adjusted the attack ranges of Petal Drill, Flow: December, and Petal Bloom to allow better attacks to enemies flanking you

  • You can no longer cast Ghost Greeting during Ghost Step if the S key is pressed.
  • You can no longer press S+ + RMB to use Sudden Decapitation in Shortsword mode.

  • You can no longer cast Ghost Greeting during Ghost Step if the S key is pressed.

[Caphras Stone and Caphras Enhancement]

  • The amount of Caphras Stones received from extracting Caphras Enhanced items was increased from 85% to 95%.
  • The amount of Silver required for Caphras Stone extraction was increased from 1,000 to 100,000 Silver per item.
  • Decreased the amount of Caphras Stones required for Caphras Enhancement levels 1 to 4 by 20%.
    • With the decreased required amount of Caphras Stones for levels 1 to 4, existing items will have increased effects according to the amount of Caphras Stones used prior to this change.
    • Please note that the total amount of Caphras Stones required to reach level 10 is still the same.
      • Example) Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor PEN (V)
Level Before After
Level 1 220 176
Level 2 330 264
Level 3 440 352
Level 4 440 352
Level 5 770 817
Level 6 770 817
Level 7 1210 1258
Level 8 1320 1368
Level 9 1360 1408
Level 10 1400 1448
  • The total amount of Caphras Stones required to reach Caphras Enhancement level 10 for Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor is the same as before at 8,260.
    • The amount of Caphras Stones required for each item can be viewed at [Caphras Enhancement] in our official Wiki page.
  • You now receive Alchemy EXP for crafting Tenacious Origin of Life.
  • Increased the AP by one point overall for all Blackstar main weapons that are enhancement level 0 to TET.
  • Fixed the issue where you could abnormally obtain Advice of Valks when using [Event] Advice of Destiny in certain situations.
  • You can no longer open a chest or a bundle item when your Inventory or your Pearl Inventory is full.
  • For details on the newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

  • Fixed the issue where the position of monsters at the Blood Wolf Settlement in Drieghan was unnatural during combat.


  • Added quests where you can reacquire lost Dim Magical sub-weapons or armor.
    • The below quests have a 24 hour cooldown before you can accept them again and you must have quest type “Other” activated to see them.
    • The quest will pop-up for you if you do not possess a Dim Magical sub-weapons or armor.


Quest Name Quest NPC Quest Requirement
[Repeat] Bacho Ladericcio’s Magical Armor Bacho Ladericcio of the Abandoned Monastery Calpheon Main Quest “Looking for Adventurers” complete

“Magic Armor Exchange I” incomplete

Must not have Dim Magical Armor equipped nor in inventory

[Repeat] Becker and the Magical Sub-weapon Crow Merchant Becker of Hexe Sanctuary Calpheon Main Quest “A Disaster Foretold” complete

“Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I” incomplete

Must not have Dim Magical Sub-weapon equipped nor in inventory

  • A description about how to obtain Dim Magical Sub-weapon and Dim Magical Armor again was added to the quest summaries of “Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I” and “Magic Armor Exchange I.”
  • You can obtain the following social actions even when you are doing the renewed version of the Kamasylvia main quests.
    • Obtain “wish fulfilled” action when completing the quest [Kamasylvia] The Heart of Kamasylve
    • Obtain “hold broom” action when completing the quest [Kamasylvia] The Final Report
  • You can now accept the quest “[Event] Gift of Skill Reset” from the Black Spirit after awakening, only with a character of Lv. 57 or higher.


Initially, this quest was intended to reward you with an Armstrong’s Skill Guide to relearn your skills after obtaining Awakening. However, after the introduction of Succession, more time was required to experiment with the added skills. Thus, we decided to increase the level at which adventurers can reset skills at no extra cost to 56, increased from the previous limit of level 55. To reflect this change, the level requirement for this quest was also increased to 57, so you can experiment with skills at a higher level.

  • Added description to the Kamasylvia Main quest, “Polly’s Forest without Polly” guiding players that “Yellow Flower” can be obtained from all areas of Kamasylvia.
  • Added Improved Hoe to the reward of the “Looney, a Spirit of Polly’s Forest” quest.
  • Goblin Fence knowledge required for the Serendia Main quest “[Crossroad] About Goblins” can now be obtained from within the Goblin Cave with the other knowledges. This will be notified to the player by the Black Spirit during the quest.
  • The Serendia Main quest “[Crossroad] The Untold Truth About Giath” now has a more interesting set of dialogues.
  •  Requirements for “Unsealed Magic Material” quests can now be viewed in the Quest (O) → Recurring Quest menu.
  • “Kamasylvia and Star’s End quests now have regional tags in front of their quest names.
  •  Valencia Main quests with the Black Spirit as the quest giver will now have the Black Spirit automatically give you the quest.
  •  Added text to the quest summary of the Serendia Main quest “An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth!” about making use of the World Map.
  •  Quests leading to and Recurring quests related to exchanging Seal of Promise and Token of Promise for Magical Power accessories were disabled due to the actual exchange quests being disabled.
  •  Added text to the quest summary and dialogue of the Calpheon Main quest “[Boss] The Mastermind of the Catfishmen” on how to summon the boss.
  •  Shakatu will now sit and not respond when you use Greeting.
  • The “Escape from Waragon Cave” will now guide you to where you need to go after finding the lost villager.
  •  During the Calpheon Main quest “The Ritual,” you will now be able to use navigation into the ritual chamber.
  • The dialogue of the soldier during the “Man-Hunting Trolls” quest was changed.
  • The below titles can now be acquired by defeating a certain number of Mad Scientist’s Assistants during the [Crossroad] Each of Their Reasons of the Serendia Main quests.
    • Beat Mad Scientist’s Assistant
    • Sandbag
    • (Those already defeated before this update do not count towards earning the titles.)
  • Added a quest (can be done only once per Family) through which you can obtain Black Spirit’s Support Bundle from the Black Spirit, after completing a Mediah main quest.
    • Complete the Mediah main quest “Apocalyptic Prophecy” and talk to the Black Spirit to accept the relevant quest.
    • The quest will be available for adventurers who have completed the prerequisite quest before today’s maintenance as well.

  • Changed the sticker UI button icon.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes alchemy stones could be seen in the material slots from the Alchemy Stone growth tab.
  • You will now be guided to the exchange NPC, instead of a general goods vendor, when RMB on the junk item that can be collected and exchanged for another item.
  • The scroll of the Alliance Members list window from the Guild (G) window, Node/Conquest War status window, and Stable’s Mount list window will no longer reset.
  • Fixed the issue where the kill log would be abnormally displayed in the chat window when entering a guild war against an allied player.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t click on the widget icon on the top left side of the screen when this icon overlapped with the skill cooldown UI.
  • Fixed the issue where the content from the chatbox would sometimes disappear completely when receiving a chat message from a guild member who’s in another channel.
  • Fixed the issue where changes were not being applied when changing the upscale or the low power option from Settings > Display Settings > Display Quality.
  • Fixed the issue where changes were not being applied when changing the System Tray Sound from Settings > Audio Settings.
  • Fixed the issue where you would process the wrong item when changing the item location during continuous processing.

  • Fixed the issue where the minimap of a certain region of Tooth Fairy Forest looked awkward.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes you could build more than the limited number of annexes permitted.
  • Changed some backgrounds of the fields where Red Battlefield occurs.
  • Fixed the issue where auto-navigation did not work properly in a certain region of Caduil Forest.
  • Fixed the issue where the guild bonus that has been distributed when an apprentice guild member was promoted sometimes did not appear in the Guild Bonus Distribution list.
  • Fixed the issue where Agris Fever Points sometimes did not recharge.
  • Fixed the typo in the following text.
    • [Cooking Lv28] Health Food for Workers
  • [Shai] Fixed the issue where the skin above the lips and below the eye shone white in Remaster mode.
  • [Striker] Added a warning message that explains gloves may be invisible when you equip gauntlet and gardbrace with Darkbane Gloves.
  • Fixed the text issue where putting your mouse over the goals listed on Chapter 2 of Adventure Log: Book of Margahan would bring up the same text for all 3 quest objectives for the chapter.
  • Fixed the issue where the Event tag was still showing on [Berserker] Tantu outfit set even after the discount period had ended for the outfit set.
  • Fixed the issue where the special skill in the item description of Young Crimson Dragon was wrong.
  • Fixed the issue where the item description of the following pets contained incorrect Special Skill and Talent.
    • Hedgehog
    • Golden Hedgehog
    • Cushy Mallowmerz
    • Newborn Crimson Dragon

  • We are aware of the issue where you cannot accept the quest (added today) for reobtaining Dim Magical Sub-weapon for the Witch class. This issue will be fixed with the April 29th (Wednesday) maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where you can fire ship cannons with a character that is under Lv. 50. No damage will be applied when firing the ship cannons with such a character. We will inform you about any updates on this issue as soon as possible.
  • We are aware of the issue where your character is pushed back by the monster when using a skill that has Charge effect to this monster. This issue will be fixed with the April 29th (Wednesday) maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where an error page appears when opening Guild Information from the Guild (G) window. Click <Here> for the announcement on our forums.