February 9, 2022
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Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on February 9, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 100 updates and is approximately 860.74 MB.


Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground) Rework

 The Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground) rework that was announced during Calpheon Ball is here.

Unlike the ground level of Gyfin where you need to form a party of 5 and move through each area, the underground level was reworked to be a solo monster zone. Following this change, the monsters in the temple have grown significantly stronger, so we recommend this monster zone for veteran Adventurers (Optimal AP: 300 / Optimal DP: 380).

The fights will be focused around the gigantic Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion found in each of the rooms. There are petrified Ancient Weapons located near the towers, and the Gyfin Rhasia Decimators can be found roaming nearby. You can awaken the petrified Ancient Weapons (Flamen, Guard, Crusher) to fight them. Each of the Gyfin Rhasia have an “emotion” they hold. Defeating them will reward you with different buffs. The buffs give additional damage against monsters of the same emotion. This adds a layer of strategy to your rotation as you will need to take proper advantage of the buffs for efficiency.

Additionally, the path in Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground) is long and it can hold as many Adventurers as there are “Towers of Transfusion.” So, your rotation won’t overlap as much with another Adventurer’s rotation. We tried to present Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground) as a fresh new monster zone our veteran Adventurers can enjoy. We hope you will enjoy defeating these Ancient Weapons.



● Deep beneath Gyfin Rhasia Temple, petrified Gyfin Rhasia Ancient Weapons that have recalled their memories from the Ancient Kingdom of Orzeca in the distant past have been discovered. These petrified Ancient Weapons contain the “Burdens of Ruin” of Gyfin Rhasia.
▲ Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion
▲ [Anger] Gyfin Rhasia Crusher ▲ [Denial] Gyfin Rhasia Flamen ▲ [Resolve] Gyfin Rhasia Guard
※ If there are different types of “Burdened” petrified Ancient Weapons near one another, the Ancient Weapons become more powerful as their Burdens become entangled.
● You can obtain the following buffs when you defeat each of the “Burdened” petrified Ancient Weapons:
When defeating [Anger] Gyfin Rhasia Crusher When defeating [Denial] Gyfin Rhasia Flamen When defeating [Resolve] Gyfin Rhasia Guard
Stalwart Warrior’s Resolve Burning Rage’s Hammer Vanished Glory’s Wisdom
Extra damage to [Resolve] monsters Extra damage to [Anger] monsters Extra damage to [Denial] monsters
● The more petrified Ancient Weapons found near the Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion that are defeated, the more burdens the Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion absorbs from the defeated petrified Ancient Weapons. The [Ruinous] Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia has a low probability of spawning amongst the mixed “Burdens.”
– The Ancient Weapons of [Anger], [Denial], and [Resolve] will deactivate when the [Ruinous] Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia spawns.
– The Lost Civilization’s Ruin buff will flow through your body when you defeat [Ruinous] Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia.
– Adventurers with the “Lost Civilization’s Ruin” buff will have the following ability:
* A tremendous amount of extra damage to all monsters in the Gyfin Rhasia Temple Underground.
Lost Civilization’s Ruin

● You can find Gyfin Rhasia Decimators near the Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion at the Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground).
– When you lure Gyfin Rhasia Decimator to the Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion and defeat it, the burdens of Gyfin Rhasia scatter, and you’ll encounter a group of Gyfin Rhasia Decimators.

● Added two daily quests you can accept and complete in the Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground).
– You can accept and complete the quest with a Lv. 58 or higher character with the Knowledge on the NPC Tulitua (obtained from the Kamasylvia main questline). Also, you can check the quest when you have “Other” activated on Quest Type.
– You can find “[Daily] Chaos From Below” and “[Daily] True Rest” under “[Lv. 58] Gyfin Rhasia in Chaos” from the Recurring tab in the Quest (O) window.
Quests Objectives Rewards
[Daily] Chaos From Below Defeat the confused Gyfin Rhasia x600 beneath the temple Contribution EXP 300
Combat EXP & Skill EXP
Caphras Stone x10, Peridot Leaf x 30
[Daily] True Rest Defeat Gyfin Rhasia Flamen x12
Defeat Gyfin Rhasia Guard x12
Defeat Gyfin Rhasia Crusher x12
Contribution EXP 300
Combat EXP & Skill EXP
Caphras Stone x10, Peridot Leaf x 30



● Added the Drill, an object that can be installed by guilds in their designated guild base server group.
– You will need to have learned the Guild Skill “Nature’s Gift,” which requires 30 points, to craft the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set.
– You can craft the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set via Guild Crafting, and, unlike other recipes, doing so does not require a Guild House.
– The parts and respective crafting methods of the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set are as follows.
Part Time Required Materials
[Guild] Drill Support x1 3 hrs Old Tree’s Tear x100
Elder Tree Plywood x100
Palm Plywood x100
Standardized Timber Square x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Shaft x1 3 hrs Earth’s Tear x100
Steel x100
Vanadium Ingot x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Grip x1 3 hrs Old Tree’s Tear x100
Log x100
Bronze Ingot x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Pin x1 20 min Earth’s Tear x10
Steel x10
Titanium Ingot x10
Black Stone Powder x100
[Guild] Drill Fuel x1 1 hr Black Stone (Weapon) x1000
Black Stone (Armor) x1000
Powder of Flame x1000
Fire Horn x1000
Coal x1000
[Guild] Drill Assembly Set x1 10 hrs [Guild] Drill Support x1
[Guild] Drill Shaft x1
[Guild] Drill Grip x1
[Guild] Drill Pin x10
[Guild] Blueprint: Drill x250
※ Old Tree’s Tear and Earth’s Tear can be obtained according to a set probability by gathering with a Fluid Collector or Mining, respectively.
※ You can obtain [Guild] Blueprint: Drill x4 each time you complete a Guild Mission.
* Urgent guild missions requested by the people of Margoria will not be rewarded with [Guild] Blueprint: Drill.
– Complete a Guild Mission during the event period up until February 16, 2022 (Wed) and get “[Guild] Blueprint: Drill” x10.
* This excludes urgent missions from the people of Margoria and guild barter missions.
[Go to the “This Is Not a Drill, It’s a Guild Drill!” event page]
– Once crafting is complete, the [Guild] Drill can be installed on any desert terrain in your guild’s base server group.
– Using the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set in the desert will begin installation, during which it cannot be damaged.
– [Guild] Drill Assembly Set takes approximately 15 minutes to complete installation, and cannot be damaged even by enemy guilds during this period.
– Once the [Guild] Drill is complete, you can interact with it to fill it with [Guild] Drill Fuel kept in your Guild Storage to activate it.
– The [Guild] Drill requires [Guild] Drill Fuel x5 to activate.
– Once construction is complete, enemy guilds will be able to damage it immediately. If your drill has already been activated with fuel, you will be partially compensated if your drill gets destroyed.
– If your [Guild] Drill has been either idle for more than 1 hour after construction or has no fuel when it is destroyed, you will not be able to claim a reward.
– Once the [Guild] Drill’s drilling has completed, the drill will be consumed, upon which you will be able to claim your reward from the Guild Activity Reward UI for the next 30 days.
– Rewards from the [Guild] Drill can be obtained by all guild members.
– With the [Guild] Drill, you can excavate a variety of items from the Great Desert of Valencia, including spoils of war from buried soldiers, ancient weapon parts, trade goods of merchant guilds covered in sand, and fossils sought by scholars.
● Added the Pilgrim’s Stone item.
– You can obtain the Pilgrim’s Stone as a reward from drilling.
– Select Grinding from the Processing (L) window with the Pilgrim’s Stone to obtain Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard, and Mass of Pure Magic.
● Added [Guild] Covenant of Blood to items obtainable by completing the [Guild] Drill.
● Added new Guild Skills you can learn from consuming [Guild] Covenant of Blood.
Skill Effect Duration Cooldown Required Guild Points [Guild] Covenant of Blood Consumed
Guru’s Touch Life EXP +40% 60 min 100 min 50 points 250
Blessing of Fortuna Item Drop Rate +10% 60 min 100 min 50 points 300
State of Nothingness Combat EXP +200%,
Skill EXP +50%
60 min 100 min 50 points 250
※ Can be stacked with other Guild Skills.
● Added rewards for either successfully drilling with the [Guild] Drill or if the drill is destroyed.
Item Amount for Successful Drilling Amount if the Drill Gets Destroyed
Faded Trader’s Box 1 1
Traces of Time Fossil Fragment 4 2
Nameless Warrior’s Keepsake 1 1
Secret Treasure Chest 1 1
[Guild] Covenant of Blood 20 10
– Items that you can obtain from the Faded Trader’s Box, obtainable via the Drill, are as follows:
– Open the Faded Trader’s Box and you’ll obtain a Secret Voucher I-VI. You can take these to the NPC Wolfgang in Calpheon to exchange them for the following items.
– You can obtain the Traces of Time Fossil Fragment with the drill. If you use Grinding (L) on it, you’ll be able to obtain one of the following items according to a set probability.
Material Product
Traces of Time Fossil Fragment Fine Fossil Fragment I
Fine Fossil Fragment II
Fine Fossil Fragment III
Fine Fossil Fragment IV
Ancient Weapon’s Frame
– You can obtain the Lone Soldier’s Identification Tag from the Nameless Warrior’s Keepsake. You can bring this to the NPC Yisar Pjetyo in Tarif to exchange it for an Enchanted Scroll (+35).






New and Improvements


● Made changes to the method of learning skills with effects only applied in Node/Conquest Wars as follows:

Skills with Effects Applied in Node/Conquest Wars

Yianaros’s Light

Pilgrim’s Steps

Knight’s Defense

 – The items [Secret Book] Yianaros’s Light/Pilgrim’s Steps/Knight’s Defense (I to V) that enable you to learn each level of the skills listed in the chart above were combined into [Secret Book] Guild Tactics (I to V).
– The [Secret Book] Guild Tactics (I to V) enables you learn any one of these three skills. However, once you choose to learn one of the skills, you will be unable to learn the other two.’
– Therefore, all the skills used in Node/Conquest Wars were reset, and all Resplendent Medal of Honor items that were exchanged for Secret Books to learn the skills were returned and sent to your storage in Heidel.
– [Secret Book] Yianaros’s Light (I to V), [Secret Book] Pilgrim’s Steps (I to V), and [Secret Book] Knight’s Defense (I to V) in your Family Inventory were converted to Medal of Honor items and sent to your storage in Heidel.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t attack certain monsters in certain situations when using the following skills:
– [Sorceress] – Prime: Black Wave
– [Valkyrie] – Promptness
– [Archer] – Full Bloom’s arrow attack damage (would sometimes occur)
● Fixed the issue where the following classes wouldn’t maintain a sprint when pressing SHIFT while moving by pressing RMB in non-combat mode.
– Ranger, Tamer, Shai 



● Violation (II to III) – Fixed the issue where Knockdown wouldn’t be applied when performing down slash by pressing LMB. 



● Lava Piercer – Fixed the issue where you would switch into non-combat mode after the falling motion is displayed while in Beast Form.
● Lava Piercer – Changed the falling motion to be displayed in a location of higher elevation while in Beast Form. 



● Fixed the issue where the appearance of your sub-weapon would appear abnormal when jumping forward with your main weapon. 



● Purificatione – Fixed the issue where the sound effects wouldn’t play when comboing into the skill after certain skills with your lancia. 



● Fixed the issue where your character’s motions would appear abnormal when using the following skills midair.
– Murderous Intent, Flashing Light, Silent Charge, Ninja Step, Ninjutsu: Oni Shadow, Ghost Slash 



● Black Spirit: Cataclysm – Fixed the issue where you couldn’t activate the skill upon learning Cataclysm I.
● Flame’s Calling – Fixed the issue where Marg’s appearance would sometimes appear.
● Flow: Magical Evasion – Improved the motion to be activated instantly.
● Flow: Magical Evasion – Changed to combo more smoothly into Flame Knot when used backward.
● Fixed the issue where damage wouldn’t be applied sometimes when rotating the screen while using the following skills:
– Concentrated Magic Arrow, Lightning, Prime: Lightning
– Lightning Storm
– Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo
● Lightning Storm – Changed to apply attack damage simultaneously. 



● Flow: Magical Evasion – Improved the motion to be activated instantly.
● Flow: Magical Evasion – Fixed the issue where you couldn’t combo into Lightning Blast by pressing RMB except when used forward.
● Flow: Magical Evasion – Changed to a spinning motion when used backward.
● Thunderstorm I – Fixed the issue where the cooldown would not be applied.
● Fixed the issue where damage wouldn’t be applied sometimes when rotating the screen while using the following skills:
– Concentrated Magic Arrow, Lightning, Prime: Lightning
– Lightning Storm
● Lightning Storm – Changed the attack damage to be applied simultaneously. 



● Rampaging Predator – Fixed the issue where Forward Guard would only be applied at the start of the skill after certain skills. 



● Core: Eradication, Core: Bridled Despair – Fixed the issue where the Skill Demos would appear abnormal. 



● Scornful Slash – Improved to combo into Searing Fang after performing attack 2.
● Scornful Slash – Changed to be activated instead of Flow: Suppress when pressing ↓+ RMB after performing jump attacks with your Jordun. 



● Constriction – Changed to slam down the grappled enemy in front of your Hashashin.
● Alleviated the issue where Bound would not be applied sometimes on Grapple while Super Armor is applied.
● Fixed the issue where your character’s motions would appear abnormal when holding directional keys after using the following skills midair.
– Sand Warp, Paradise Surge, Sin Splitter, Piercing Tornado, Sand Slicer, Crown Kick, Silent Breach, Flow: Condemnation 



● Prime: Passed Pawn (I to III) – Improved all the guards to appear and attack regardless of Nova’s Casting Speed when a summoned guard is present upon learning the skill.
● Icy Fog – Fixed the issue where Quoratum’s Protection would deactivate after using certain Succession skills. 



 Previously, we alleviated the required EXP per set of Contribution points. This time, we increased the prices of processed trade boxes that can be crafted by purchasing a residence with Contribution points acquired. The processed trade boxes were loved by our Adventurers who enjoy Life skills as they were a source of great additional income. We prepared this update so that the processed trade boxes could seem more appealing. However, please take note that the increased prices will only be applied to the boxes crafted after this update.

● The increased prices of processed trade items that can be produced at Crop/Fish/Mineral/Wood Factories and Workbenches after purchasing a residence are as follows:
– The increased prices will not be applied to processed trade items produced before the update.
– With the update, all workers who were crafting the following items at factories or workbenches prior to maintenance on Feb 9, 2022 (Wed) will have their work times set to complete just once.
– The changed prices for each of the processed trade items that can be produced via the Crop Factory are as follows: (previous price = 100%)

  Regular High-quality Special
Pepper Crate 1,764 (206.3%) 9,686 (143.7%) 29,934 (240.7%)
Garlic Crate 2,856 (297.5%) 11,076 (246.1%) 34,342 (241.5%)
Onion Crate 2,856 (307.1%) 10,679 (245.5%) 33,082 (241.3%)
Strawberry Crate 1,947 (223.8%) 9,886 (244.1%) 30,563 (240.8%)
Hot Pepper Crate 2,004 (226.4%) 10,083 (244.4%) 31,192 (241%)
Pumpkin Crate 2,061 (229%) 10,283 (244.8%) 31,823 (241.1%)
Grape Crate 2,240 (226.3%) 11,473 (246.7%) 35,600 (241.7%)
Sunflower Crate 2,514 (246.5%) 11,870 (247.3%) 36,861 (241.9%)
Olive Crate 2,514 (246.5%) 11,870 (247.3%) 36,861 (241.9%)
Carrot Crate 1,560 (173.3%) 4,260 (101.4%) 31,680 (240%)
Tomato Crate 2,172 (233.5%) 10,679 (245.5%) 33,082 (241.3%)
Paprika Crate 2,286 (238.1%) 11,076 (246.1%) 34,342 (241.5%)
Potato Crate 1,266 (183.5%) 4,896 (296.7%) 14,728 (325.1%)
Barley Crate 1,380 (191.7%) 5,463 (303.5%) 16,528 (327.9%)
Wheat Crate 1,380 (191.7%) 5,463 (303.5%) 16,528 (327.9%)
Corn Crate 1,437 (195.5%) 5,745 (306.4%) 17,427 (329.1%)
Sweet Potato Crate 1,266 (183.5%) 4,896 (296.7%) 14,728 (325.1%)
Nolina Crate 1,890 (221.1%) 8,013 (323.8%) 24,626 (335.7%)
Penestraria Crate 1,776 (215.3%) 7,446 (320.3%) 22,826 (334.4%)
Dalvenia Alrea Crate 1,833 (218.2%) 7,731 (322.1%) 23,724 (335.1%)
Sunrise Herb Crate 1,494 (199.2%) 6,030 (309.2%) 18,329 (330.2%)
Silver Azalea Crate 1,662 (209.1%) 6,876 (316.1%) 21,022 (332.9%)
Fire Flake Flower Crate 1,602 (205.4%) 6,594 (314%) 20,126 (332.1%)
Dry Mane Grass Crate 1,548 (202.4%) 6,312 (311.7%) 17,136 (295.2%)
Silk Honey Grass Crate 1,494 (199.2%) 6,030 (309.2%) 18,329 (330.2%)
Everlasting Herb Crate 59,688 (240%)
Fortune Teller Mushroom Crate 2,320 (234.3%) 10,566 (335.4%) 23,005 (238.9%)
Arrow Mushroom Crate 2,628 (250.3%) 11,700 (339.1%) 25,526 (239.7%)
Dwarf Mushroom Crate 2,514 (246.5%) 11,130 (337.3%) 24,264 (239.3%)
Cloud Mushroom Crate 2,628 (250.3%) 11,700 (339.1%) 25,526 (239.7%)
Sky Mushroom Crate 2,514 (246.5%) 11,130 (337.3%) 24,264 (239.3%)
Tiger Mushroom Crate 2,514 (246.5%) 11,130 (337.3%) 24,264 (239.3%)
Emperor Mushroom Crate 2,320 (234.3%) 10,566 (335.4%) 23,005 (238.9%)
Ghost Mushroom Crate 2,628 (250.3%) 11,700 (339.1%) 25,526 (239.7%)
Fog Mushroom Crate 2,514 (246.5%) 11,130 (337.3%) 24,264 (239.3%)
Hump Mushroom Crate 2,628 (250.3%) 11,700 (339.1%) 25,526 (239.7%)
Bluffer Mushroom Crate 2,460 (244.8%) 10,848 (336.4%) 23,636 (239.1%)
Ancient Mushroom Crate 2,628 (250.3%) 11,700 (339.1%) 25,526 (239.7%)
Amanita Mushroom Crate 2,058 (228.7%) 8,862 (328.2%) 23,005 (284%)
Truffle Mushroom Crate 3,240 (300%)
Bouquet Mushroom Crate 2,682 (251.8%) 11,982 (339.9%) 37,220 (341.3%)
Leccinum Crate 2,796 (255.3%) 12,549 (341.5%) 39,018 (341.8%)
Purple Mushroom Crate 2,910 (258.7%) 13,116 (342.9%) 40,818 (342.3%)
Pie Mushroom Crate 2,853 (257%) 12,834 (342.2%) 39,920 (342.1%)

– The changed prices for the processed trade items that can be produced via the Fish Factory are as follows: (previous price = 100%)

Item Price Item Price
Packaged Dried Butterflyfish 3,603 (173.2%) Packaged Dried Bitterling 3,444 (170.5%)
Packaged Dried Checkerboard Wrasse 21,885 (245.6%) Packaged Dried Bleeker 3,282 (167.4%)
Packaged Dried Pomfret 22,818 (246.4%) Packaged Dried Yellowfin Sculpin 6,570 (300%)
Packaged Dried Mudskipper 2,415 (147.3%) Packaged Dried Cero 20,505 (244.3%)
Packaged Dried Tuna 85,182 (261.7%) Packaged Dried Sea Eel 20,730 (244.5%)
Packaged Dried Beltfish 7,620 (212.8%) Packaged Dried Croaker 8,070 (215.2%)
Packaged Dried Flounder 6,624 (206.4%) Packaged Dried Greenling 4,119 (181.1%)
Packaged Dried Salmon 5,499 (197.1%) Packaged Dried Flatfish 3,861 (177.1%)
Packaged Dried Amberjack 5,853 (200.4%) Packaged Dried Grunt 77,472 (261.1%)
Packaged Dried Porgy 81,327 (261.4%) Packaged Dried Herring 21,018 (244.8%)
Packaged Dried Swellfish 20,409 (244.1%) Packaged Dried Sardine 7,458 (211.9%)
Packaged Dried Saurel 3,090 (163.5%) Packaged Dried Round Herring 3,249 (166.6%)
Packaged Dried Rockfish 6,528 (205.6%) Packaged Dried Silver-Stripe Round Herring 3,378 (168.9%)
Packaged Dried Squid 6,528 (290.1%) Packaged Dried Whiting 3,090 (163.5%)
Packaged Dried Octopus 19,893 (243.5%) Packaged Dried Dolphinfish 4,053 (180.1%)
Packaged Dried Crab 2,607 (152.5%) Packaged Dried Striped Catfish 3,636 (173.6%)
Packaged Dried Jellyfish 3,444 (170.1%) Packaged Dried Gunnel 6,336 (204.4%)
Packaged Dried Carp 19,380 (243%) Packaged Dried Golden-Thread 22,977 (246.5%)
Packaged Dried Crucian Carp 5,145 (193.4%) Packaged Dried Nibbler 85,182 (261.7%)
Packaged Dried Trout 7,137 (209.9%) Packaged Dried Siganid 19,572 (243.3%)
Packaged Dried Catfish 7,203 (210.3%) Packaged Dried Surfperch 2,832 (157.8%)
Packaged Dried Freshwater Eel 19,893 (243.6%) Packaged Dried Blackfin Sweeper 3,699 (174.5%)
Packaged Dried Snakehead 77,472 (261.1%) Packaged Dried Smokey Chromis 85,182 (261.7%)
Packaged Dried Cherry Salmon 17,838 (241.1%) Packaged Dried Maomao 20,214 (244%)
Packaged Dried Sea Bass 79,014 (261.2%) Packaged Dried John Dory 21,756 (245.4%)
Packaged Dried Angler 22,464 (246.2%) Packaged Dried Rosefish 3,186 (165.5%)
Packaged Dried Swordfish 20,922 (244.7%) Packaged Dried Grouper 19,893 (243.6%)
Packaged Dried Mackerel 6,366 (204.4%) Packaged Dried Bigeye 7,749 (213.5%)
Packaged Dried Flying Fish 6,849 (207.9%) Packaged Dried Fourfinger Threadfin 2,511 (149.9%)
Packaged Dried Ray 7,620 (212.8%) Packaged Dried Striped Shiner 20,922 (244.7%)
Packaged Dried Seahorse 3,894 (177.8%) Packaged Dried Bubble Eye 2,832 (157.8%)
Packaged Dried Starfish 2,574 (151.4%) Packaged Dried Yellow-Head Catfish 20,730 (244.6%)
Packaged Dried Filefish 3,765 (175.9%) Packaged Dried Rosy Bitterling 3,765 (175.9%)
Packaged Dried Scorpion Fish 3,348 (168.7%) Packaged Dried Roundtail Paradisefish 3,894 (177.8%)
Packaged Dried Mullet 3,765 (175.9%) Packaged Dried Tapertail Anchovy 19,989 (243.8%)
Packaged Dried Swiri 131,448 (263.8%) Packaged Dried Kuhlia Marginata 5,595 (198.1%)
Packaged Dried Sturgeon 146,871 (264.2%) Packaged Dried Rock Hind 3,123 (164.4%)
Packaged Dried Piranha 73,614 (260.8%) Packaged Dried Dace 2,928 (160%)
Packaged Dried Mandarin Fish 75,927 (261%) Packaged Dried Bluegill 3,249 (166.6%)
Packaged Dried Lenok 21,951 (245.7%) Packaged Dried Perch 3,861 (177.1%)
Packaged Dried Arowana 21,339 (245.1%) Packaged Dried Notch Jaw 3,249 (166.6%)
Packaged Dried Sweetfish 7,233 (210.3%) Packaged Dried Mudfish 3,348 (168.7%)
Packaged Dried Terrapin 7,041 (209.2%) Packaged Dried Goby Minnow 3,123 (164.4%)

 – The changed prices for each grade of the processed trade items that can be produced via the Mineral Workbench are as follows: (previous price = 100%)

Item Price Item Price
Box of Vanadium 3,894 (206%) Tin Ore Crate 2,158 (141%)
Box of Titanium 4,215 (177.8%) Zinc Ore Crate 3,249 (196.9%)
Box of Mythril 19,350 (300%) Brass Ingot Crate 56,862 (180%)
Vanadium Ingot Crate 95,097 (220.6%) Bronze Ingot Crate 50,439 (170%)
Titanium Ingot Crate 96,198 (204.9%) Steel Ingot Crate 33,648 (160%)
Mythril Ingot Crate 384,866 (203.6%) Jewelry Crate 340,254 (180%)
Copper Ore Crate 1,933 (137.1%) Lead Ore Crate 2,271 (142.8%)
Iron Ore Crate 2,158 (141%)    

 – The changed prices for each grade of the processed trade items that can be produced via the Wood Workbench are as follows: (previous price = 100%)

Item Price Item Price
Palm Timber Crate 2,745 (154%) White Cedar Timber Crate 2,721 (153.7%)
Elder Tree Timber Crate 2,958 (156.5%) Acacia Timber Crate 2,838 (155.1%)
Ash Timber Crate 2,013 (142.8%) Balenos Timber Crate 55,170 (192.2%)
Maple Timber Crate 2,130 (144.9%) Serendia Timber Crate 62,730 (192.7%)
Pine Timber Crate 2,484 (150.5%) Calpheon Timber Crate 98,640 (194.2%)
Birch Timber Crate 2,250 (147.1%) Mediah Timber Crate 77,850 (193.5%)
Fir Timber Crate 2,367 (148.9%) Cedar Timber Crate 2,604 (152.3%)
Iron Ore Crate 2,158 (141%)    
● Added a function that enables you to craft an Elsh main weapon for each class via the Weapon Workshop, Handcraft Workshop, or Carpentry Workshop.


Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Improved to play the proper sound for the environment when it snows (sound of the wind). 


Conquest War, Node War

● Fixed the issue where the Indomitable Flag of an area would be destroyed when Node Wars are in progress in that Node and another Node simultaneously, even when the Node War of the second area had ended.
● Added a function that allows you to activate installation mode without owning an assembly tool for installation on the Remote Installation menus for Forts and Annexes. 



● Added a menu where you can check your current skill add-ons from the Skill (K) window with a Lv. 50 or higher character.
– You can find the nearest Skill Instructor via a button at the bottom of the Skill Add-on UI in the Skill (K) window.

 We added a function so you can view your current skill add-ons directly from the Skill window without having to go visit a Skill Instructor. We also added the “Find Nearest Skill Instructor” button especially so that new Adventurers can use the skill add-on system with greater ease and comfort.

● Fixed the issue where Abyssal Gaze wouldn’t be displayed for the Crypt of Resting Thoughts on the Item Drop Information UI.
● Added a UI that provides information on the extra points you gain when successfully reclaiming a territory controlled by the opposing team in Red Battlefield: Valencia City.
● Enlarged the size of the “Do not open for the day” button on the text displayed when using the Navigate function on an Elvia Realm server. 



● Changed the Central Market so that you can no longer register items that are placed on the registration queue for sale from 20 minutes before and 10 minutes after the expected time of maintenance.
● Improved the system messages displayed for the following actions to provide clearer guidance.
– When you attempt to store items bound to your character into your storage or mount inventory, the text “A character bound item” will be displayed.
– When you attempt to accept more than the maximum number of quests allowed, the text “You cannot take any more quests as you’ve exceeded the number of quests you can pursue simultaneously” will be displayed.
– When you attempt to accept more than the maximum number of guild missions allowed per day, the text “”You cannot accept any more guild missions as you exceeded the daily limit”” will be displayed.



● Improved the Photo Gallery menu and color shade of the UI.
● Improved notices on the Black Desert official website to load more quickly.
● Improved the region select UI for the sign-up page.
● Added information on game data deletion in the notice for deleting your account.
● Fixed the link to the store in the menu on the right-hand side to work properly when viewed on a mobile device.
● Fixed the speech bubble descriptions for likes in the upper part of the Beauty Album to display normally.
● Fixed the issue where sharing Beauty Album or Photo Gallery via social media would link the incorrect URL address.
● Fixed the issue where the speech bubble descriptions in the Beauty Album and Photo Gallery wouldn’t fade away when viewed in certain resolutions.
● Improved on the issue where the length of the tooltips in the Beauty Album and Photo Gallery displayed abnormally.
● Changed Guild search to now present results matching the first portion of your search item instead of partial matches.
● Improved the loading UI when previewing Oasis of Knowledge responses in the Adventurer’s Board in-game. 



Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where certain parts of your character or outfit’s appearance would appear abnormal when wearing the following outfits.
– [Kunoichi] Ayo Armor, [Nova] Tiger Emissary Armor

● Changed the text on the item description for [Season] Leveling Aid Boxes to read more naturally.
● Fixed the issue where the clip that plays on the log-in screen, Server Selection window, and loading screen wouldn’t play properly sometimes.
● Reduced the area of the map expanded on the World Map (M) window when acquiring the geographic node knowledge of the Longleaf Tree Sentry Post in Calpheon.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t gain Alchemy EXP when crafting Oil of Enchantment or Rough Opulent Crystal via Alchemy.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t gain Life EXP when Gathering or Processing (L) the following items:

– Sulfur, Black Gold Ingot
– Griffon Leather, Gazelle Meat, Bird Meat
– Tough Flax Fabric, Dusk Laden Cotton Fabric, Dawn Fallen Silk

● Fixed the issue where the game would disconnect when opening the Crop Management UI while Scroll Lock is activated under certain circumstances.
● Fixed the issue where the blue arrow visual effect wouldn’t be displayed on the Exploration Point.
● Changed certain words of cruelty in the dialogs of main quests.
● Fixed the issue where a notification related to Trainer’s Flute would be displayed even when calling mounts for which you can’t use Trainer’s Flute nor Celestial Horse Calling Horn.
● Fixed the issue where the Challenge/Login Reward and other UIs would even be displayed in a combat zone when reaching Lv. 7 on a newly created character.
● Fixed the issue where the background of the following regions would appear abnormal:
– Crow’s Nest, Balenos Mountains
● Fixed the issue where the number of monsters defeated in a quest would decrease sometimes after reconnecting.
● Fixed the issue where the UI listing the platoon members would not disappear even after leaving a platoon in Gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where two party leaders would sometimes be displayed when in a party.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t properly scroll the screen when the mouse cursor is on a certain part of the screen while using the Sell Item function from your storage.
● Changed the description text displayed on the area where you select a die on Black Spirit’s Adventure to read more naturally.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t hand over the Potato Crate to Severo Loggia during the quest, “Production #5 – Crop Factory.”
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t sell the Potato Crate to Bahar during the quest, “Production #6 – Selling Goods.”
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t sell the Special Sunflower Crate to Harden during the quest, “[Farming Lv. 25] Crop Factory.”
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t hand over Special Wheat Crate to Norma Leight during the quest, “[Farming Lv. 30] The Best Wheat Farm.”
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t deliver the Special Pie Mushroom Crate to Neruda Shen during the quest, “[Farming Lv. 50] Important Guests.”
● Fixed the issue where you wouldn’t be able to sell Balenos Timber Crate(s) to a Trader during the quest, “Chapter 27: From Production to Distribution.”
● Fixed the issue where the footsteps of Hashashin, Nova, Sage, and Corsair wouldn’t be audible when moving while carrying a load (box).
● Fixed the issue where your pets’ item pick-up function would not work properly sometimes.
● Fixed the issue where completing the [Manor] Artina’s Concert quest with a class other than Shai would display the quest on the Quests (O) window for your Shai.
● Fixed the issue where the Progression Pass objectives would be fulfilled if you simple completed the last chapters of Bartali’s Adventure Log Vol. 1 and Book of Margahan Vol. 2 alone.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t see the Commune button on the Interaction menu for certain Tier 8 horses.
● Fixed the issue where the cooldown would be displayed when designating certain servers as guild base servers.
● Fixed the issue where the “All Evasion Increase” effect applied when using Dream Horse Diné’s skill, Earth of Protection, would be indicated differently. 


Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we’ve compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


♣ For Progression-minded Adventurers:

Progression Pass for New Adventurers

Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert? Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!

Narchillan Equipment

Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!

Enhancement QoL Improvements!

No more tedious prep for enhancements!

You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.

Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline

Complete the “Old Moon Guild’s New Deal” questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline

Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!

★ For Combat-focused Adventurers:

New Red Battlefield – Valencia City

A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.

Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!

Valencia Monster Loot Revamp

Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!

New Way of Obtaining Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence

New sub-materials for Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence have been added to the game

Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates

Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!

Elvia Realm

Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of the Serendia Elvia Realm!

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

New Minigame Yar!

A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!

* For more information on our latest updates, please refer to Black Desert’s [Update History].


Happy adventuring!

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