08.04.2020 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Database
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Greetings Adventurers,

Remember the Abandoned Monastery where many of you experienced some of your first adventures in BDO? This zone has been updated with stronger monsters and you will be able to get a new earring, the Dawn Earring!

Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival reopening with brand new Rock Tree Stoneback Crabs to defeat, and visit Clorince in Velia to learn about the goose that lays golden eggs. Participate in the new activities and earn new rewards in these festive events!

Do you want to know the rest of the details? As usual, you can read all the changes, fixes and new content below.

[New Events]

  • Refer-a-Friend Promotion
    • Period: April 8–April 22 (before maintenance)
    • Invite your friends and earn rewards! New players that use your Referral ID after joining Black Desert Online will get special rewards upon reaching in-game milestones.
    • Rewards for you! (The referrer)
Players invited Reward
1 Memory Fragment x10
2 Valks’ Cry x20
3 Cron Stone x50
4 Advice of Valks (+50) x1
+1 [Event] Shakatu’s Rarity Box x1
  • Rewards for your friend! (The person that used your code)
Goal Reward
Reach Lv.50 [Event] Enhancement Help Kit II
Reach playtime of 200 hrs. Gold Bar 100g x2
Reach Lv. 55 Pure Magical Black Stone x20
Reach playtime of 500 hrs. Advice of Valks (+30) x1
Reach Lv. 56 50% Discount Coupon x1
  • Players that use your Referral ID will count towards your Total Referrals. Those that buy a Game Pass will contribute towards your rewards unlocking!
    • After your 4th completed referral, you will receive [Event] Shakatu’s Rarity Box x1 for each new player you refer.
    • Check out the details of the promotion <Here>.
    • Refer a friend today <Here>.
  • Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival 2020
    • Period: April 8 (after maintenance)–April 22 (before maintenance)
    • Splash into this year’s water Festival where new events and big rewards await.
      • Event 1: Ellie’s Water Festival: Enjoy the festive quests and event pop a Splashy Water Balloon.
      • Event 2: Traces of a Festival: Collect [Event] Traces of a Festival items and exchange them with Haro.
      • Event 3: Uninvited Guests!: Brand new event is here for this year’s water festival where you have to defeat Rock Tree Stoneback Crabs and get rewards such as Caphras Stones, Memory Fragments, and [Event] Rock Tree Stoneback Crab Fragments.
      • Event 4: Flower Boat: Complete a quest to get Springtide Rowboat Decorations.
    • Click <Here> for full details on this spring water festival!
  • The Golden Goose
    • Period: April 8 (after maintenance)–April 22 (before maintenance)
    • Visit Clorince in Velia during this festive season to learn about the goose that lays golden eggs and obtain new items like [Event] Flondor Golden Goose Egg that gives Combat EXP +300% and Skill EXP +100% for 60 min.!
    • Click <Here> to learn about the golden opportunity in detail.
  • Spring Playtime Challenge
    • Period: April 9 (00:00 UTC)–April 22 (23:59 UTC)
    • Play daily and get the below rewards via the Challenge tab (Y) based on your accumulated playtime during the event period. The rewards stack, so if you play 180 minutes in a single day you will get all the available rewards for that day!
      • Play 30 min: Contribution EXP 50, and Choose 1 from: Black Stone (Weapon) x10 or Black Stone (Armor) x10
      • Play 60 min: Contribution EXP 50, and choose 1 from: Sharp Black Crystal Shard x2 or Hard Black Crystal Shard x2
      • Play 90 min: Cron Stone x5
      • Play 120 min: [Event] Artisan’s Memory x1
      • Play180 min: [Event] Golden Seal of Panto x2

[Ongoing Events]

  • Illness Debuff Removal: Until further notice
  • Find Your Oasis: Until further notice
    • Get Boss Summon Scrolls
    • Visit Ellie’s Shop
    • Oasis Dream Chest

[Ended Events]

  • Fortune Teller
  • April Fools’ 2020
    • Event 1: Liar Liar: Available until April 8 (23:59 UTC)!
    • Event 2: Fool’s Gold
  • A Knightly Pursuit: Available until April 8 (23:59UTC)!
  • [Charity Event] Save the Wildlife
  • Find Your Oasis
    • Event 1: Hot Time – Drop Rate Boosts
  • Spring Has Sprung
  • Spring Screenshot Contest
    • Submission Date (Post on your SNS!): Available until April 8 (23:59 UTC)!
    • Staff’s Pick: April 9–April 10
    • Winner’s Announcement: April 11(Friday)
    • Reward distribution: April 15 maintenance

[Reward Distribution]

  • [Web Event] A Shift in the Dark Rift
    • The special title ‘Fourth Time’s the Charm’ for those who participated in the web event 20 days has been sent. Please check the title from My Information > Title tab directly.
  • [Charity Event] Save the Wildlife
    • In-game title ‘Angel’ has been sent to Top 10 donators of EU and NA. Please check the title from My Information > Title tab directly.
    • In-game title ‘Wingless Angel’ has been sent to all participants who obtained at least one [Event] Helping Hand Token. Please check the title from My Information > Title tab directly. Thank you all for donating to a valuable cause.


  • A new item, Dawn Earring, has been added. You can obtain Dawn Earring by combining the new item, Dawn’s Resentment.
    • You can obtain Dawn’s Resentment and Dawn Earring from the Calpheon Shadow Knights <Blessed by Kzarka> of Abandoned Monastery at a low chance.
    • Place Dawn’s Resentment at the center of your inventory, Mark of Shadow above and below Dawn’s Resentment, and Shrine Guardian Token on the sides of Dawn’s Resentment, then combine to obtain Dawn Earring.
Dawn Earring AP Accuracy Stamina
0 4 18 30
PRI (I) 6 22 40
DUO (II) 8 26 50
TRI (III) 10 30 60
TET (IV) 12 34 70
PEN (V) 14 38 100
  • The Calpheon Shadow Knights of Abandoned Monastery have become stronger due to Kzarka’s power.
    • The recommended AP of the monsters from certain parts of Abandoned Monastery was updated to 280.
    • The monsters that have become stronger have the title of <Blessed by Kzarka>.
    • When you defeat these monsters, up to 2 players can obtain their rewards and obtain Dawn Earring at a low chance.
    • The new monsters of Abandoned Monastery and the existing monsters share the same knowledge.
  • When you gather 5 Dawn’s Grudges which are generated by defeating the monsters of Abandoned Monastery (Restricted Territory), a message will be displayed in the relevant server and Specter of Belmorn will appear.
    • It will take between 2 to 10 min for the Dawn’s Grudge to be materialized into Specter of Belmorn.
    • The generated Dawn’s Grudge will not disappear even after a certain amount of time passes.
    • No Dawn’s Grudge will be generated while Specter of Belmorn is present.
    • Please be careful since death penalty will be applied if Specter of Belmorn kills you.
  • Increased the chance you will obtain Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot or Brilliant Pearl Shard at Invernen Island or Marka Island.
  • You can now remote collect guild mount by selecting the Guild Mount Location icon from the World Map (M).
  • Fixed the issue where your Karma decreased when collecting a guild mount from the World Map (M).
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t install barricades for each Conquest/Node level after installing an Indomitable Flag.


  • Optimized the following Notification UI that pops up on the top right of the screen.
    • You got better gear!
    • Inventory Weight Limit at 90% or higher
    • Gear Durability below 10

To provide you with a better playing environment, we’ve been working on optimization tasks for various systems and contents. Most will not directly affect your gameplay in general, but we realize some, like the change in Inventory sorting we implemented last week, could result in confusion.
We will do our utmost to prevent such incidents from happening again and will be sure to notify you before the changes are made.

  • Added “Cabin” skill for Epheria Carrack.
    • Press Shift + E while the ship is docked and your character is on the wheel to open and close the Cabin door.
    • Cabin door will close automatically when you set sail or you get back on the wheel of the ship.
    • Details of the skill can be viewed in the Mount Information window.
      • With the addition of this skill, all existing Epheria Carracks you own will automatically have the Cabin skill acquired.
  • Notification message for Exchange Horse was changed.

[All Classes]

Just like last week, we adjusted the balance of some classes with today’s update. The main points of this update are as follows.


  • Removed the dispersed damage effect which would be applied on certain Main Weapon, Succession, and Awakening skills.
  • Added a description about the dispersed damage effect to Blizzard, Ultimate: Blizzard, and Prime: Blizzard: Storm skill descriptions.
  • Changed the description about the dispersed damage effect for Lightning Chain.
  • The extra hit range and the first hit range of Prime: Earth Arrow will now be the same.
  • Adjusted the damage of Magic Arrow I and II as follows.
Magic Arrow Before After
Magic Arrow I 759% x 1 352% x 1
Magic Arrow II 790% x 1 612% x 1
  • Fixed the issue where character collision was applied when casting Prime: Earthquake: Evade fast.
  • Fixed the issue where the description about character collision was not included in Prime: Earthquake: Evade skill description.

[By Class]

In the case of Warrior, we have increased the damage of Reckless Blow and improved the action of Head Chase. Though the damage of Reckless Blow itself has decreased, its number of hits has increased and therefore, you will now be able to clearly perceive the damage you are causing after charging. For Head Chase, we have removed the combo which only certain players used to use (the canceling combo whereby you press Q during Head Chase) and improved the skill action so that the skill can be activated more smoothly without necessarily having to employ the removed combo.

  • Adjusted the damage and the number of hits of Reckless Blow.
Reckless Blow Before After
Before Charging 1,930% x 2 1,420% x 4
After Charging 1,930% x 2 1,420% x 8
  • The Flow: Ankle Break’s Critical Hit Rate adjustment effect will now also be applied in PvP.
  • Fixed the issue where the character moved awkwardly when using Q during Head Chase and changed Head Chase’s movement to be smoother.
  • You can no longer use Evasion when your character’s weight is over 125%.
  • Removed the dispersed damage effect which would be applied on certain Succession and Main Weapon skills.

In the case of Ranger, we have equally focused on the efficiency of her awakening skills. We have expanded their efficiency by adjusting the cooldown of the skills that used to be comparatively long. We have changed the air smash effect of Flow: Disillusion to down smash effect, creating the possibility of combo and therefore allowing the use of the down smash effect of Flow: Rooting and other skills. We are continuously investigating to improve the combo and the efficiency of Ranger’s awakening skills.

  • Changed Flow: Disillusion’s Air Smash effect to Down Smash effect.
  • Regeneration’s cooldown decreased from 25 sec. to 18 sec.
  • Regeneration’s accuracy rate increased from 5% to 10%.
  • Adjusted the cooldown of Nature’s Tremble.
Nature’s Tremble Before After
Nature’s Tremble I 23 sec 23 sec
Nature’s Tremble II 22 sec 21 sec
Nature’s Tremble III 21 sec 19 sec
  • You can now use Flow: Rooting in a combo by pressing LMB after using Vine Knot.
  • Removed the dispersed damage effect which would be applied on certain Main Weapon skills.
  • Added a description about the dispersed damage effect to Tearing Arrow, Blasting Gust, Ultimate: Blasting Gust and Tearing Shot skill descriptions.
  • You can now use Violation in a combo after using Flow: Rushing Crow more smoothly.
  • Increased Turn-back Slash and Violation’s accuracy rates as follows.
Turn-back Slash Before After
Turn-back Slash I 2.50% 5%
Turn-back Slash II 3.75% 7.50%
Turn-back Slash III 5% 10%
Violation Before After
Violation I 0% 5%
Violation II 0% 10%
Violation III 0% 15%
  • Changed the icon for All AP Up buff you get when absorbing a shard.
  • Fixed the issue where the damage was not applied to the target when using Beastly Wind Slash I–IV while in Beast Form.
  • The summon duration of Heilang increased from 30 min. to 60 min.
  • Fixed the issue where the summoning of Heilang would be cancelled while in shallow water.

Witch is characterized by her being able to quickly cast a skill when using this skill in a combo after Magical Evasion while in Succession mode. So we have tried to highlight more than before the peculiarity of Magical Evasion, which works as a fundamental skill for surviving and comboing skills. Now, your character will momentarily disappear from sight when using Magical Evasion.

  • Increased the moving distance for when you use Succession: Magical Evasion for the first time and changed its animation effect.
    • However, these changes do not apply during cooldown.
  • Added a description about the dispersed damage effect to Detonative Flow skill description.

In the case of Wizard, we received many opinions pointing out the inconvenience of having no skill that would allow transitioning from Main Weapon mode to Awakening Weapon mode. Hence we have enabled the transitioning from Main Weapon mode to Awakening Weapon mode by using Hellfire and improved the combos that are activated after using Water Sphere or Flow: Aqua Bomb. Additionally, you can now use Evasion or Teleport while using a skill.

We hope the uniqueness and the charm of both Wizard and Witch become clearer and will keep investigating the many ways to achieve this.

  • You can now transition from Main Weapon mode to Awakening Weapon mode by using Hellfire.
  • Chilling Wave’s casting speed increased.
  • You can now use Evasion or Teleport while using Chilling Wave.
  • You can now use a skill in a combo after using Water Sphere or Flow: Aqua Bomb faster.
  • Added a description about the dispersed damage effect to Water Sphere, Flow: Aqua Bomb, and Black Spirit: Water Sphere skill descriptions.

In the case of Maehwa, we have fixed the attack range of some of her awakening skills and tried to increase their efficiency as well. Some of Maehwa’s awakening skills consist of moving forward to attack and we have adjusted the attack range of these skills to be broader for better ease of use. You will now also be able to combo with Sleet Steps during charging of Petal Bloom.

  • Moved the attack range of Petal Drill and Petal Bloom to the front.
  • The attack range of Flow: December will now be the same as that of Petal Drill.
  • You can now activate Petal Bloom instantly without charging during General Apricot.
  • You can now maintain Petal Bloom’s charging mode for a certain period of time.
  • You can now use Sleet Steps when Petal Bloom is done charging.
    • You can now attack instantly without charging when using Sleet Steps.
  • Petal Drill will now be activated more smoothly when Chasing while in Awakening mode.
  • Changed the PvE damage of Petal Drill as below.
Petal Drill Before After
Petal Drill I 467% x 4 611% x 4
Petal Drill II 628% x 4 815% x 4
Petal Drill III 844% x 4 1,106% x 4
  • Changed the PvE damage of Frost Pillars as below.
Frost Pillars Before After
Frost Pillars I 1003% x 4 1204% x 4
Frost Pillars II 1138% x 4 1366% x 4
Frost Pillars III 1272% x 4 1526% x 4
  • Fixed the issue where Forward Guard was not applied during charging of Petal Bloom when used after certain skills.

As for Ninja, we have focused on the convenience to defeat monsters and improvement in speed. Accordingly, we have increased the damage of certain skills, refined the connection between skills and made a change so that Drastic Measure becomes stronger when in Asura mode.

  • Increased the PvE damage of Sura ChaoSpree as below.
Sura ChaoSpree Before After
Sura ChaoSpree Hit Damage 628% x 15 Hit Damage 754% x 12

Last Hit Damage 879% x 3

  • You can now combo into Ghost Step, Ninja Step, Murderous Intent, Serpent Ascension, and Flow: Execution during Sura ChaoSpree.
  • You can now use Flow: Execution during Serpent Ascension.
  • Increased the PvE damage of Vacuum Slash as below.
Vacuum Slash Before After
Hit Damage 571% x 6 685% x 6
Slash Damage 684% x 4 889% x 4
  • Drastic Measure used during Asura will not require charging and will be used instantly.
    • Charge damage and Super Armor applied when used as above.
  • Sudden Decapitation used in normal stance will trigger second and third hits faster than before.
  • Fixed the issue where Bound was applied to each hit when Drastic Measure was used without charging.
  • You can now use Murderous Intent by holding W after using Ninja Step.

As for Dark Knight, we have equally focused on her awakening. First of all, we have made changes so that Air Strike could activate the same effect when in Succession and in Awakening modes. The bound effect that used to be applied on extra hits when using Main Weapon Air Strike will now be triggered only when the floating effect of the first hit has not been applied. Other than this, we have considered your opinions and made improvements that would allow you to use skills such as Grip of Grudge, Cluster of Despair, Trap of Vedir, etc., which were not used as frequently as the other skills, in a more varied situation.

  • Bound effect triggered by extra hits from Air Strike I, II, III, and Absolute: Air Strike will now only be triggered when Floating is not in effect from their first hits.
  • Attack time and combo action after Trap of Vedir will now be faster than before.
  • Cluster of Despair used after the following skills will now be comboed faster than before.
    • Twilight Dash
    • Spirit Hunt I. II, III
    • Smoky Haze I, II, III
    • Trap of Vedir
  • Fixed the issue where consecutive use of Chain: Dusk in the air had unnatural actions.
  • Max hit range and skill trigger speed were increased for Grip of Grudge.

For Striker, we have tried to improve the actions involved in his Succession which were not fast enough. Discharge Energy will now be triggered more smoothly when connecting Crimson Fang and Flow: Bombardment, so you will be able to choose freely between the two options that Crimson Fang combo provides, depending on the situation. Also, your attack will now hit the target you have aimed at when using Prime: Wolf’s Fang.

We are always studying and testing the game in order to make it better based on your opinions. We will do our best to bring a result that would satisfy all our players.

  • LMB + RMB after Flash Step will now trigger Roaring Tiger.
  • You can now combo the following skills into Mass Destruction and Silent Step before Discharge Energy hits.
    • Succession: Ankle Hook
    • Succession: Martial Deva
    • Succession: Flow: Savage Fang
    • Succession: Combo: Final Blow
    • Succession: Flow: Bombardment
    • Prime: Roaring Tiger
  • You can now combo Prime: Wolf’s Hunger triggered by spending Martial Spirit into Mass Destruction and Silent Step before Discharge Energy hits.
  • Prime: Wolf’s Fang now attacks the targeted enemy.
    • With this change, attack range was decreased and Forward Push Hit was removed.
    • Cooldown was also increased from 8 sec. to 13 sec.
  • Shift + RMB after Flash Step will not trigger Crimson Fang.
  • Prime: Wolf’s Hunger after Prime: Knee Hammer will now be smoother in transition.
  • Prime: Roaring Tiger used during the following skills will now have a shorter travel distance.
    • Prime: Fist Fury
    • Succession: Flow: Bombardment
    • Prime: Rampaging Predator
    • Succession: Combo: Final Blow
    • Succession: Martial Deva
  • Improved the slow effect on your character when hitting enemies with Flow: Deathstrike and Succession: Flow: Bombardment.
  • The Discharge Energy of Succession: Flow: Bombardment will now be triggered more smoothly.
  • Fixed the issue where shifting from Main Weapon mode to Awakening via Rampaging Predator did not allow combos into other Awakening skills.
  • Improved the issue where Super Armor sometimes disappeared when using other combo skills after Glide.
  • Icons of the following items sold in Rebinia’s shop were changed.
    • Box of Caphras Stones
    • Box of Memory Fragments
    • Box of Cron Stones
    • Manos Accessory Box
  • Fixed the AP description of Elsh Longsword to match its actual AP.
  • Max purchase quantity of the following items in the Central Market were changed as below.
Max Purchase Quantity 1000 Max Purchase Quantity 500 Max Purchase Quantity  20
– Vinegar

– Essence of Liquor

– Grilled Bird Meat

– Flax Thread

– Fruit of Crimson Flame

– Fruit of Abundance

– Fruit of the Sun

– Fruit of Enchantment

– Fruit of Magic Power

– Fruit of Perfection

– Fruit of Destruction

– Deep Sea Fruit

– Garmoth’s Scale
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes [Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone was not automatically used when set to auto use.
  • Added detailed descriptions to Pet Register Items.
    • Basic Skills
    • Talents
    • Special Skills
  • For details on newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !
  • The Dark Rift is once again expanding and spreading darkness.
    • Powerful monsters engulfed in great darkness will emerge from the Dark Rift into the world of Black Desert.
    • During periods of expansion, the following Dark Rift bosses will emerge in Very Hard versions.
      • Dastard Bheg
      • Ancient Puturum
      • Ahib Griffon
      • Saunil Siege Captain
      • Steel Nux
      • Kavali
    • New Dark Rift monsters, Saunil Siege Captain, Steel Nux, and Kavali will drop Ancient Spirit Dust instead of Box of the Silent Dead every time.
    • Reappearance of Normal and Hard difficulty Dark Rifts is now 30% faster than before.
  • Unified the spaces of the No. of Item Input window.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t charge a durability depleted Alchemy Stone when you had a Crow Coin in your Inventory (I).
  • Removed the removal related description at the bottom of the Quick Hotkey Settings window.
  • The Quick Hotkey Settings window will now close when you press the Reset All button.
  • Help button will now be displayed correctly during Sticker UI Settings.
  • Pet Summon icon will now be displayed correctly on the top left of the screen within the Altar of Blood.
  • The following functions will have its Yes/No option select limited to mouse clicks only.
    • Fire Worker
    • Fairy Delete
  • Descriptions for 4K and 8K screenshots were added to Settings → Display → Screenshot options.
  • The button displayed on the bottom right of the screen when gear durability for you or your horse false below 10 will not be displayed anymore.
  • Selecting Get All from the Black Spirit’s Safe will now collect all items excluding Silver.
  • When text size is set to large, Guild Member Family names on the Guild Member Status list will be shown as pop-ups when they get too long.
  • Fixed the issue where the Mount tooltip did not disappear in Stables and Wharfs.
  • Fixed the issue where the item in the last slot of the Inventory did not show up during Emergency Supply on board Ships.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not check the Quest Summary window when the Quest window is in Sticker UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the background of the Quest and Quest Summary window became invisible when changed with the mouse.
  • Fixed the issue where you could scroll the Farming guide during Installing Garden mode even when the text was short.
  • Fixed the issue where the completion target of some quests did not fit inside the Quest Summary window.
  • Fixed the issue where the reward icons in the Quest Summary window were abnormally displayed.
  • Fixed the Max LT button on the number pad to be displayed in its correct position.
  • Fixed the issue where the guild information window was displayed behind the Guild Member Recruit window.
  • Fixed the issue where part of the Inventory was covered by the window opened via Maid/Butler or Container.
  • Fixed the issue where text in the Guild House UI in the Guild window did not fit in the button.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t move the quest list using the mouse wheel in a specific part of the list in the Quest window.
  • Fixed the issue where some quest names overlapped with the icon in the list in the Quest window.
  • Unnecessary UI will no longer be displayed in the Sealed Golden Treasure Chest window.
  • The UI scroll button for checking the skill description of horses connected to wagons will now be displayed normally.
  • Fixed the issue where reloading during shooting [Event] Bobble Bobble Matchlock and [Event] Frosted Matchlock had abnormal actions.
  • [Guardian] Fixed the issue where you could not control your character by pressing C without a main weapon equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where the following apparels were unnatural in certain situations.
    • [Dark Knight] Rosa Cassius
    • [Mystic] Khamsin
    • [Shai] Marigold Sunset
    • [Shai] Star Candy Glasses
    • [Mystic] Rakshande Cestus and Khamsin Clothes equipped together
  • Fixed the description in the Alchemy Stone window to disappear when an Alchemy Stone is set and then removed.
  • Fixed the issue where the material description disappeared when a material is removed from the Alchemy Stone window.
  • Fixed the issue where keys not available to be used for Quick Hotkey could be pressed.
  • Fixed the issue where your Karma decreases by 200,000 when force retrieving a guild galley in the World Map (M). Please contact Customer Support for manual restoration of your karma if you are affected.
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to install barricades near an Indomitable Flag built during Node/Conquest War.
  • We are aware of the issue where sometimes you cannot progress through the quest [Event] Uninvited Guests! Pu! even after having defeated the Moss Stoneback Crab summoned by the Rock Tree Stoneback Crab during the quest.
    • You can continue with the quest once the Rock Tree Stoneback Crab despawns naturally 10 minutes after having been summoned.