01.04.2020 Patch Notes | Black Desert Online Database
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Greetings Adventurers,

You and your guild should better be prepared for the fight! We are revamping the Node and Conquest wars from this week in order to make them more enjoyable.

Enjoy the April Fools’ 2020 which will take place in game to get a lot of rewards and if you are seeking answers for your fortune, visit Black Spirit the Fortune Teller on our website!

Read more this week patch notes below:

[New Events]

[Web Promotion]

  • Fortune Teller
    • Period: April 1–April 8 (23:59 UTC)
    • Black Spirit has become a fortune teller! Ask your questions and see what fate holds for you… <HERE>

[In-game Event]

  • April Fools’ 2020
    • Event 1: Liar Liar
      • Period: April 2 (00:00 UTC)–April 8 (23:59 UTC)
      • Dosogan Nia is back again this year looking for the most talented liars in the world of Black Desert Online. Visit Dosogan Nia every day during the event period to hear about a rumor you can investigate yourself and make a choice!
      • Get an [Event] A Fateful Choice daily via Challenges (Y) tab, go see the relevant NPCs to make a choice where you will select between [Event] Truthful Lie or [Event] Deceitful Truth based on  the answer you choose.
      • If you have successfully ‘lied’ by selecting the answer chosen by the fewer number of adventurers, you will be rewarded!
    • Event 2: Fool’s Gold
      • Period: April 1 (after maintenance)–April 8 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, defeat monsters, fish, or gather to get rare accessories! But beware! Some of the items you get might not really be what they seem…
    • Click <Here> to see the most amusing events of the year in detail.

  • Illness Debuff Removal
    • Period: April 1 (after maintenance)–Until further notice
    • Crossing the desert will no longer cause you any desert diseases and your sailors’ health will no longer deteriorate when exploring an island or when exploring while sailing.
    • However, please note that when there is no ration or when you remote collect or destroy your ship, the sailors’ health will still deteriorate.
    • This update will be maintained until any further notice.

With today’s update, crossing the desert will no longer cause you heatstroke or hypothermia, and your sailors will no longer become unhealthy and ill.

This update will be applied, not until next week, but until any further notice.

As we really appreciate your passion and participation in BDO, we temporarily offer this debuff removal as help in this uncertain time.

We are rooting for all of you. Thank you!

[Ongoing Events]

  • [Charity Event] Save the Wildlife
    • Choose your Cause: April 1 (after maintenance)–April 8 (before maintenance)!
    • Select the cause you would like to help out <HERE> ! The amount of donation distributed to each cause will be determined by your selection.
      • Any unselected donations will be distributed equally across all donation projects. Thank you very much for joining us again.
  • Suppressed Boss Gear Event: March 18–June 24 (before maintenance)
  • Find Your Oasis
    • Event 1: Hot Time – Drop Rate Boosts: March 25 (after maintenance)–April 8 (before maintenance)
    • Event 2: Get Boss Summon Scrolls: March 25 (after maintenance)-Until Further Notice
    • Event 3: Visit Ellie’s Shop: March 25 (after maintenance)–Until Further Notice
    • Event 4: Oasis Dream Chest: March 26 (00:00 UTC)-Until Further Notice
  • Spring Has Sprung: March 18–April 8 (before maintenance)
  • Spring Screenshot Contest
    • Spring into action and show the beauty of spring in the world of Black Desert Online! Simply take and share your spring-themed screenshot with #BDOSpring2020, your in-game Family Name, the class you want the outfit for if you win, and region (NA or EU) in the caption on your SNS channels!
    • Submission Date (Post on your SNS!): March 25–April 8 (23:59 UTC)
    • Staff’s Pick: April 9–April 10
    • Winner’s Announcement: April 11 Friday
    • Reward distribution: April 15 regular maintenance.
  • A Knightly Pursuit: March 19 (00:00UTC)–April 8 (23:59UTC)

[Ended Events]

  • Fourth Anniversary Celebration Part 2
    • Event 1. Dark Rift Update
  • Fourth Anniversary Celebration Part 1
    • Event 1: Extra Special Attendance: Ends April 1 (23:59 UTC)
    • Event 2: Dark Rift Update: Mammore is Back!
    • Event 4: Golden Challenges for New Adventurers
  • Spring Has Sprung
    • Event 1: Harvest the Plant
    • Event 3: Defeat Monsters, Gather, and Fish

[Reward Distribution]

  • Time Travel Screenshot Contest
    • Congratulations to the winners again; please check your in-game mailbox for the rewards.
  • [Web Event] A Shift in the Dark Rift > Sent next week!
    • The special title ‘Fourth Time’s the Charm’ for those who participated in the web event 20 days will be sent via in-game mail on April 8th maintenance. We apologize for the delay.
  • [Charity Event] Save the Wildlife > Sent next week!
    • In-game titles and an additional item to be given for reaching our donation target goal amount will be sent via in-game mail on APril 8th maintenance. We apologize for the delay.


Node/Conquest War Revamp

Node wars occur daily, and it’s a content in which opposing guilds can compete against each other to conquer nodes. It’s a content where guild members would have to unite to achieve their common goal. However, it became apparent that the content was not being played the way it was intended, and there were often players who would merely wait for opportunities by building a single Fort on a Node but not actually participate in the Node War (in hopes of being the only one on the Node and win without a fight). Thus we are preparing to revamp the rules in order to mitigate these issues and to bring back the original “fun factor” we intended these wars to provide. While we are preparing the revamp, we wanted to try to improve the current rules since we did not want the Node Wars to be played out as it is at the moment.

First of all, today’s update has decreased the total number of Nodes in the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia territories by 30% (from 154 to 108).

Also, we have adjusted the balance per tiers of Node/Conquest Wars to improve the participation of the wars.

The prices and types of Forts and Annexes will be adjusted to be suitable for each tier. Wars can now continue for longer periods of time due to increased Max Durability per tier. Also, the damage against humans for the Hwacha and Flame Tower has been greatly increased to be even more useful in defending situations.

Lastly, we made price changes to the Fort and Annexes for Node/Conquest Wars, so that their prices would be different per tier. We lowered the prices for participating in tier 1 Node wars, and increased the prices for tiers 2, 3, and 4 to be suitable for the amount of tax rewards that can be obtained. Also, we increased the prices of Forts/Command Posts in the lower tiers, and decreased the prices of Annexes, so that they could be more affordable in lower tiers.

We will continue to bring in improvements to encourage more battles and more competitive Node/Conquest Wars. We will also try to introduce new rules to Node Wars as soon as possible.

  • The items below which can be built in tier 1–4 Node Wars or Conquest Wars have been added to the Guild Military Supply shop.
    • You must now purchase items which are exclusive to each tier when participating in Node War/Conquest Wars.
    • Due to these changes, the Fort/Command Post/Field HQ built by guilds conquering the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia territories have been updated to the newly added versions.
    • The prices of all annexes (Forts, Command Posts, Flame Towers, Supply Depots) have been changed like the following for each Node War/Conquest War tier.

Tier 1
Item Name Price (Guild Funds)
[Node] Square Fort (Tier 1) 10,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 1) 12,500 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 1) 250,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 1) 500,000 Silver
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 1) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 1) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 1) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 1) 625,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 1) 3,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 1) 625,000 Silver

Tier 2
Item Name Price (Guild Funds)
[Node] Square Fort (Tier 2) 30,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 2) 17,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 2) 375,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 2) 680,000 Silver
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 2) 1,700,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 2) 1,875,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 2) 3,750,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 2) 850,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 2) 5,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 2) 850,000 Silver

Tier 3
Item Name Price (Guild Funds)
[Node] Square Fort (Tier 3) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 3) 25,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 3) 425,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 3) 1,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 3) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 3) 2,125,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 3) 4,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 3) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 3) 5,950,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 3) 1,250,000 Silver

Tier 4
Item Name Price (Guild Funds)
[Node] Square Fort (Tier 4) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 4) 25,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 4) 425,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 4) 1,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 4) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 4) 2,125,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 4) 4,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 4) 1,250,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 4) 5,950,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 4) 1,250,000 Silver

Conquest War
Item Name Price (Guild Funds)
[Guild] Command Post (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Field HQ (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Square Fort (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Strong Square Fort (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Sturdy Octagonal Fort (Conquest War) 50,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Barricade (Conquest War) 25,000 Silver
[Guild] Recovery Center (Conquest War) 500,000 Silver
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Conquest War) 2,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Conquest War) 5,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Flame Tower (Conquest War) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Hwacha (Conquest War) 5,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Conquest War) 2,500,000 Silver
[Guild] Supply Depot (Conquest War) 7,000,000 Silver
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Conquest War) 2,500,000 Silver
  • Since new exclusive items have been added to Node Wars and Conquest Wars, the following annex items have been removed.

※ Guilds in possession of these items will be reimbursed through Guild funds which match the value of the items which were in possession.

Removed Items
– [Conquest] Command Post

– [Conquest] Field HQ

– [Conquest] Square Fort

– [Conquest] Strong Square Fort

– [Conquest] Sturdy Octagonal Fort

– [Node] Square Fort

– [Node] Strong Square Fort

– [Node] Sturdy Square Fort

– [Guild] Barricade

– [Guild] Recovery Center

– [Guild] Cannon Observatory

– [Guild] Elephant Nursery

– [Guild] Flame Tower

– [Guild] Hwacha

– [Guild] Supply Depot

– [Guild] Wooden Fence Gate

– [Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory

  • The total number of nodes in the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia territories has decreased by around 30%.
    • This means that the total number of nodes in all the territories has been decreased from 154 to 108 nodes. Due to the decrease in overall nodes, the amount of tax for each node has been increased by around 30%.

※ However, the increased taxes will apply starting after the maintenance on April 1 (Wednesday).

※ Due to the decrease in nodes, all forts across the Black Desert world have been removed. Forts built in Node Wars before the maintenance on April 1 (Wed) will be reimbursed according to their value on the maintenance on April 8 (Wed), since they will be removed.

Removed Nodes
Balenos – Foot of Terrmian Mountain

– Terrmian Cliff

– Casta Farm

– Balenos River Mouth

– Imp Cave

– Ancient Stone Chamber

– Goblin Cave

Serendia – Northern Heidel Quarry

– Central Guard Camp

– Eastern Gateway

– Southwestern Gateway

– Orc Camp

– Glish Swamp

Calpheon – Delphe Outpost

– Epheria Valley

– Oze’s House

– Keplan Hill

– Beacon Entrance Post

– Hexe Stone Wall

– Crioville

– Tobare’s Cabin

– Lake Kaia

– Northern Wheat Plantation

– Trina Beacon Towers

Mediah – Stonetail Wasteland

– Ahto Farm

– Stonebeak Shore

– Kasula Farm

– Alumn Rock Valley

– Ancient Ruins Excavation Site

– Mediah Northern Highlands

Valencia – Pujiya Canyon

– Waragon Nest

– Capotia

– Veteran’s Canyon

– Deserted City of Runn

– Valencia Western Highlands

– Crescent Mountains

– Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sincerity

– Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Humility

– Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Abstinence

– Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Obedience

– Gavinya Great Crater

– Gavinya Coastal Cliff

– Gavinya Volcano Zone

– Erdal Farm

  • The tiers and participant capacity for certain node areas have been changed like the below.

Node War Area Tier Max Participant Capacity
Glish Ruins Tier 4 → Tier 2 30 players
Mask Owl’s Forest Tier 4 → Tier 2 45 players
Epheria Sentry Post Tier 4 → Tier 2 60 players
Taphtar Plain Tier 4 → Tier 2 45 players
Bree Tree Ruins Tier 1 → Tier 2 60 players
Abandoned Land Tier 1 → Tier 2 45 players
Rhua Tree Stub Tier 1 → Tier 2 30 players
  • The Max Durability for Command Posts, Forts, and other Annexes for Node War/Conquest War was increased like the following.

Fort, Command Post, Field HQ, Flame Tower, Hwacha, Barricade, Wooden Fence Gate
Tier 1
Tier 2 Increased by 33% compared to before
Tier 3 Increased by 66% compared to before
Tier 4 Increased by 100% compared to before
Conquest War Increased by 150% compared to before

Recovery Center, Cannon Observatory, Elephant Nursery, Supply Depot, Indomitable Flag Factory
Tier 1
Tier 2 Increased by 33% compared to before
Tier 3 Increased by 66% compared to before
Tier 4 Increased by 100% compared to before
Conquest War Increased by 100% compared to before
  • The Max Durability of the following Annexes for Conquest Wars was increased by 100% compared to before.
    • [Guild] Siege Defense Tower (Conquest War)
    • [Guild] Wooden Fence (Conquest War)
    • [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)
    • [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)
    • [Guild] Ballista Workshop (Conquest War)
  • The damage for Hwacha and Flame Tower which can be used in Tier 4 Node/Conquest Wars was increased by 50% against humans.
  • The names of certain Node/Conquest War Annexes were changed like the following.
Before After
– [Guild] Siege Defense Tower

– [Guild] Wooden Fence

– [Guild] Medium Siege Tower

– [Guild] Large Siege Tower

– [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory

– [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory

– [Guild] Ballista Arrow

– [Guild] Ballista Workshop

– Ballista Assembly Kit

– [Guild] Siege Defense Tower (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Wooden Fence (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Medium Siege Tower (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Large Siege Tower (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Ballista Arrow (Conquest War)

– [Guild] Ballista Workshop (Conquest War)

– Ballista Assembly Kit (Conquest War)

  • The “Barricade” which can be crafted from the Siege Weapon Workshop, and the “Iron Barricade” which can be upgraded using the Barricade have new names and changed Max Durabilities.
Before After
Barricade Sturdy Barricade
Max Durability increased by 60% compared to before
Before After
Iron Barricade Sturdy Iron Barricade
Max Durability increased by 100% compared to before
  • The “Sturdy Barricade” crafted from the Siege Weapon Workshop is not restricted by node tiers, and can also be used in Conquest Wars.
  • A wrecked ship record has been added into My Info (P) → Journal.


  • Fixed the issue where some background music did not play properly while loading the game.
  • Fixed the issue where saved Looped Auto Paths were deleted upon starting the game.
  • The starting and ending times for Node/Conquest War and the Tribute Wagon departure time were put forward by 1 hour for our European servers due to the start of daylight saving time.
    • This simply means your Node/Conquest Wars will start at 20:00 CEST, and Tribute Wagons will depart at 18:00 CEST.

  • Added description to BreezySail saying continuous use could take you off the auto-navigation route.
  • Staying on an elephant when leaving Guild Alliance will require you to log back into the game.

[All Classes]

  • Underwater swimming speed was increased when pressing the Q key to swim underwater while swimming forwards.
  • Successful hits with Black Spirit’s Rage 10%, 25%, and 50% skills will now de-mount targets.
Character Skill Character Skill
Warrior – Black Spirit: Pulverize

– Black Spirit: Merciless

– Black Spirit: Slashing the Dead

Wizard – Black Spirit: Water Sphere

– Black Spirit: Cataclysm

– Black Spirit: Hellfire

Sorceress – Black Spirit: Turn-back Slash

– Black Spirit: Violation

– Black Spirit: Grim Reaper’s Judgment

Kunoichi – Black Spirit: Sah Spree of Sonan

– Black Spirit: Lunar Dash

– Black Spirit: Chain Crash: Sah Chakram

Ranger – Black Spirit: Elven Rage

– Black Spirit: Waltz of Wind

– Black Spirit: Regeneration

Ninja – Black Spirit: Bloodthirst: Katana

– Black Spirit: Sura ChaoSpree

– Black Spirit: Sudden Decapitation

Berserker – Black Spirit: Devastation

– Black Spirit: Titan Blow

– Black Spirit: Flow: Slugfest

Dark Knight – Black Spirit: Grip of Grudge

– Black Spirit: Spirit Hunt

– Black Spirit: Shattering Darkness

Tamer – Black Spirit: Moonlight Strike

– Black Spirit: Garuda

– Black Spirit: Echo Pierce

Striker – Black Spirit: Ferocious Assault

– Black Spirit: Ultimate Crush

– Black Spirit: Skull Crusher

Musa – Black Spirit: Flow: Dash Slash

– Black Spirit: Fiery Angel

– Black Spirit: Below the Belt

Mystic – Black Spirit: Hurricane Sweep

– Black Spirit: Spiral Torpedo

– Black Spirit: Sea Burial

Maehwa – Black Spirit: Sticky Snowflake

– Black Spirit: Flow: Cloud Stab

– Black Spirit: Moonrise

Lahn – Black Spirit: Eradication

– Black Spirit: Bleeding Hearts

– Black Spirit: Flow: Mangler

Valkyrie – Black Spirit: Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae

– Black Spirit : Terra Sancta

– Black Spirit : Promptness

Archer – Black Spirit: Full Bloom

– Black Spirit: Ultimate: Zephyr Leap

– Black Spirit: Righteous Smite

Witch – Black Spirit: Detonative Flow

– Black Spirit: Equilibrium Break

– Black Spirit: Thunder Storm

[By Class]

  • Decreased the blood splatter effect of the following skills.
    • Ultimate: Maehwa’s Will, Chaos: Crimson Gust, Blooming Stride, Blooming Step
  • You can now combo Flow: Cloud Stab after Stigma.
  • You can now combo Flow: Moonlight Dash after Flow: Cloud Stab.
  • You can now combo Moonrise after the second hit of Petal Drill
  • The following skills will now trigger Discharge Energy.
    • Prime: Somersault
    • Prime: Crimson Fang
    • Prime: Adamantine
    • Prime: Hidden Claw
      *Discharge Energy triggered by these skills will apply All Evasion Rate and DP increase.
    • All Evasion Rate +9% for 5 sec.
    • DP +8 for 5 sec.

* Prime: Wolf’s Fang can be used instantly with the above skills.

  • After using the above skills, S + LMB + RMB to use Prime: Wolf’s Fang.
  • Now the damage of Land Buster will not decrease even when Infernal Destruction is on cooldown.
  • You can now combo Skull Crusher during the use of Flow: Crosswind.
  • Decreased the movement slowdown when hitting an enemy with Spiral Cannon.
  • You can now combo Flow: Bite Off after Rampaging Predator faster than before.
  • You can now combo other skills faster than before after the following skills.
    • Endless Explosion
    • Fallout
    • Silent Step during Awakening mode
    • Flow: Crosswind while using Spiral Cannon
  • Second and third hits for Ultimate Crush will now be used faster on consecutive use.
  • You can now use Rampaging Predator during main weapon mode.

  • All Accuracy Rate increase of Foretold Encounter was changed to the following.
    • All Accuracy Rate +24% for 10 sec. → All Accuracy Rate +12% for 10 sec.
  • Fixed the issue where damage of Flow: Black Blood Eruption did not apply when used after Black Blood’s Descent with Prime: Black Blood Circle learned.
  • Fixed the issue where the second hit for Scornful Slash did not trigger when used after Cleansing Flame.

  • Having locked items within Morco’s Gear Bag or Clorince’s Travel Bag will now not unlock after restarting the game.
  • Added how to obtain and use descriptions to ship crafting and upgrade materials.
  • Changed the icon of [Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone when it is used.
  • Realigned the text for Sweet Honey Wine where it says it takes you to the Fairy window.
  • For details on the newly added Pearl Shop Update, please click < Here > !

  • <Violent> Saltwater Crocodile, Black Rust, and Nineshark of Sea Monster Habitat were changed as below.
    • HP decreased by 40%
    • Changed from party of 3 to party of 2 Co-op Monster Zone.
  • Boss Monster appearance times were adjusted due to Daylight Saving Time.
    • This means Vell for EU will spawn 16:00 CEST again starting this Sunday. Please check the world boss/events spawn schedule via our official forums.


  • The following quests were moved from the Black Spirit’s Pick quests to Black Spirit main quests to better streamline Valencia main quests.
    • Sahazad’s Worth
    • Barhan’s Authority
    • Manmehan’s Passion
    • Saya’s Interest
  • Main quests from Balenos to Calpheon will now give more Footprint of the Wind as quest rewards to reduce the time spent between quests.
  • Fixed the issue where the rewards window for the “Embarking on an Adventure” quest had blank spaces.
  • Fixed the issue where pre-renewal Mediah quests were displayed in the Quest List (O) for players who have not progressed Mediah main quests.
  • Greatly decreased the regen time of Cron Castle Barracks required for “The Lost Records of Cron” quest.
  • Fixed the issue where the following had the wrong number of Mudskippers required to cook a Smoked Fish Steak.
    • Smoked Fish Steak knowledge
  • Fixed the issue where you could accept the quest “[Repeat] That Which the Goblin Hides” even without having satisfied its requirements.


  • Completing the “Abandoned Fate” quest will now give the Giath’s Secret knowledge.
    • If you’ve already completed the quest but don’t have the knowledge, interact with Grusha to receive it.

  • Updated the following UIs.
    • Quests
    • Quest Summary
  • Added Grab ship’s wheel, Move to ship’s wheel, and Call Ship buttons to Large Ships.
    • These buttons will popup when you press the Ship icon on the upper left of the screen.
    • The Call Ship hotkey can still be used as before.

Grab ship’s wheel, Move to ship’s wheel, and Call Ship functions, which are used by many adventurers while they’re sailing, were previously set to be accessed by left-clicking on the Ship icon.

However, because all these functions were tied under one access point, you had to check the distance to your ship in order to use the Call Ship function.

To resolve this issue, we’ve given each of the functions separate buttons, and also adjusted the distance limit of Move to ship’s wheel and Call Ship functions for better ease of use.

  • The Level Up Info window was improved.
    • You can now press ESC to temporarily hide the window.
    • You can mouse over the arrow icon of the hidden window to open it again.
    • Learnable Skills list will now inform you if you do not have enough skill points to learn them.
    • You can check the skills in the Level Up Info window after pressing the Learn button.
  • Pressing the Preset button in Edit UI mode will now have a popup confirm UI.
  • New accounts will now have the Skill Guide window opened on the right side of the screen upon connecting into the game.
  • Fixed the issue where obtaining enhanced gear did not display the new item effect.
  • Updated the title bar of the Lakiaro minigame window.
  • Fixed the issue where the remaining time was not correctly displayed when going over to the next stage during the Lakiaro minigame.
  • Fixed the issue where the Saying of the Day in the Guild Information tab sometimes flickered.
  • Fixed the Skill window to maintain the previous tab when closed and opened again.
  • The button for when there is unpaid tax in the Guild Information window will now be displayed as Unpaid Tax.
  • Fixed the issue where the Retrieve All button seemed to be active while in the Decorate menu in another player’s Residence.
  • Fixed the issue where a message for item deletion popped up when trying to retrieve items in your residence.
  • Removed the special character from the tooltip you see when you mouse-over Fitness parameters in the My Stats window.
  • The Guild Conquest info will now only update when the window is opened.
  • The Guild Mark change button and View Guild Information button positions in the Guild Information menu were switched.
  • The number of guild members shown in Guild Member Status list was changed to 17 members.
  • Spacing for the War Hero list was modified.
  • Fixed the issue where the Unpaid Tax deposit window had Korean text.
  • Fixed the penalty description for when your character dies.
  • When you opt-out of Recruit Guild Member, the top title will now say [Decline Guild Join Request].
  • The Guild Member Status list in the Guild (G) menu now has a sort function to sort by Participate and Contract.
  • Fixed the issue where frame drop occurred when scrolling or changing tabs in the Inventory UI.
  • Pages in the Mission List of the Guild Mission window can now be scrolled with the mouse.
  • The spacing between tabs in the Garden Installation List UI was modified to have them more aligned to the center.
  • Fixed frame rate drops for certain in-game actions.
    • Obtaining items, knowledge, and skills.
  • The level and EXP bars in the Mount Information window of Guild Stable and Guild Wharf mounts will no longer be visible.
  • Fixed the issue where the Decline button from the Recruit Guild Member list was being displayed in Korean.

  • [Berserker] Fixed main weapon Beastly Wind Slash used after Prime: Beast Form hit to match its graphics.
  • [Maehwa] Fixed the issue where using Prime: Decapitation sometimes slowed movement.
  • [Shai] Fixed the Florin’s Leaf effect to be correctly located when you transition from main weapon to talent mode with all leaves charged.
  • Fixed the issue where the character would look awkward in certain situations when equipped with the following outfits.
    • [Archer] Crayodel Outfit
    • [Dark Knight] Queen Heart Underwear and Puff Mini Armor worn together
    • [Berserker] Shudad Helmet
  • Fixed typos for the following.
    • [Ninja] Black Spirit: Sura ChaoSpree description
    • [Kunoichi] Black Spirit: Chain Crash: Sah Chakram description
    • Tears of the Wind description
    • Mount Brand Spell Stone description
    • Some pearl items
    • Rulupee’s Ratty Flag item description
  • Fixed the issue where certain structures looked unnatural in the following places.
    • Calpheon
    • Tuir Valley
  • Fixed the issue where some parts of the following places displayed abnormal minimaps.
    • Fogan Swamp
    • Tooth Fairy Forest
  • Fixed the photo filter set to NonContrast in Settings to correctly reflect brightness settings.
  • Fixed the issue where some parts of Grána caused the character to swim when there was no water.
  • Fixed the unnatural navigation route during the Succession quest in Keplan.
  • Fixed the issue where you could summon Guild Elephants after leaving a Guild.
  • Fixed the issue where you could move openable items in the Inventory when the item is opened.
  • Resolved the intermittent issue that occurred where selling Junk Items via NPC Shops would bring up an error system message and you could not see the items.

  • We are aware of the issue where your Karma decreases by 200,000 when force retrieving a guild galley in the World Map (M). This will be fixed with the next maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where it is not possible to install barricades near an Indomitable Flag built during Node/Conquest War (however, it is possible to install a barricade obtained from crafting). This will be fixed with the next maintenance.