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Seed / Fruit

Mysterious Delotia Seed

Weight: 0.01 LT
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
    • - Marketplace Information
    • Market Price: Price info is currently unavailable.
    • Warehouse Capacity: 0.10 VT
  • - Description: The seed of a Special Delotia which can be grown by Farming to yield a bumper crop.
    You can begin Farming after using a Fence to create a garden.
    Note that this seed will take up 5 grids in a garden and yields 3–4 Fruits through Plant Breeding, but not seeds.

  • - How to obtain:

    Shake Mysterious Seed x1 and Special Seed x1 to get 1.
    Shake Mysterious Seed x5 and Magical Seed x1 to get 5.
    (Press RMB to locate the nearest Fence exchange NPC)

  • - Price: Silver 112,000
Data Updated: October 10, 2020