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MP Potion (Beginner)

Weight: 0.25 LT
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Archer, Dark Knight, Hashashin, Ranger, Shai, Sorceress, Tamer, Witch, Wizard Exclusive

    Available from level 0
  • - Description: Potion for rookies.

    • - Effect
    •   MP Recovery +50
  • - Duration: Instant
  • - Cooldown: 6 sec.
  • - Price: N/A
Data Updated: October 25, 2020

MP Potion (Beginner) Vendor

  • You can buy MP Potion (Beginner) from the following NPCs:
  • Akan in Olvia 80
    General Goods Vendor
    <General Goods Vendor of Florin>

    • - Description: He came from Florin to make a little coin selling potions. He sells his wares with an ever-present grin lighting up his face.
  • Bionier 80
    General Goods Vendor
    <A polite General Goods Vendor.>

    • - Description: Bionier came from the herb town Florin. She sells a variety of potions and teaches recipes to townspeople. She appears a bit cold at first, but she is actually very polite and has become fast friends with both local residents and adventurers alike.
  • Julietta in Olvia 80
    General Goods Vendor
    <Olvia General Goods Vendor>

    • - Description: A potion vendor from Florin who always has useful supplies for adventurers. Julietta spends most of her idle time deliberating over how to make a fool of townspeople or visitors from the outside. She appears to be very kind-hearted at first sight.
  • Eileen in Velia 25
    General Goods Vendor
    <Velia General Goods Vendor>

    • - Description: Eileen is the bright and active twin sister of Clorince.
      The two are training as Alchemy apprentices under their father Alustin and sell self-made recovery potions at the East Gate of Velia.

      She recognizes that her sales skills are lower than Clorince's, and is trying to improve her Alchemy ability to produce new potions. Sometimes she is jealous of her sister, whom her father deeply trusts, but Eileen's Alchemy ability doesn't yet match her sister's.
  • Clorince in Velia 25
    General Goods Vendor
    <Velia General Goods Vendor>

    • - Description: Clorince and Eileen are Alchemy apprentices and the twin daughters of Alustin.
      Trained in Alchemy by their father, Clorince and her sister sell their own recovery potions. Unlike her sister, Clorince is somewhat reserved.

      She is both annoyed at and afraid of the aggressive courting of Santo Manzi, who seems like he might be a criminal of sorts.