Loggia Hoe

Weight: 1.00 LT
  • - Repairable Item
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Enhancement Type: Fixed
    • - Marketplace Information
    • Market Price: Price info is currently unavailable.
    • Warehouse Capacity: 1.00 VT
  • - Cannot be dyed
  • - Description: A special hoe made in Loggia Farm. It increases Gathering (Hoe Gathering) Mastery.

    It can be enhanced with a Black Stone (Weapon).

    ※ Depending on your Gathering Mastery, your gathering item drop rate and quantity will increase.
    ※ Go to

    • - Effect
    •   Gathering Item Drop Rate (with Hoe) +30%
    •   Gathering Time -11 sec
    •   Hoe Mastery +3
      - Enhancement Effect
    •   Hoe Mastery Up
    •   Max Durability Increase
  • - Price: Silver 10,000

  • - Durability
  • 50/50
Data Updated: February 10, 2020

Loggia Hoe Vendor

  • You can buy Loggia Hoe from the following NPCs:
  • Zaaira in Velia 1,500,000
    Material Vendor
    <Velia Material Vendor>

    • - Description: Zaaira sells various ingredients in Velia, and she is very interested in plants.

      Rumor has it that she got Bahar to buy her flowers in exchange for the gems she received from guys in town who wanted to win her heart. Folks figure this is true considering how much she loves plants.


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