Fruit of Yianaros - Item | Black Desert Online Database
Crafting Material

Fruit of Yianaros

Weight: 0.10 LT
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Description: A fruit that grows from Yianaros's tree where Krogdalo often found shelter. It is said that Yianaros wanted to keep the tree for itself, so it spread fruit all around the tree to discourage Krogdalo from visiting.

  • - How to obtain:

    There is a low chance of obtaining this item through defeating monsters, gathering, and fishing during the event period.

  • - Usage: Course Training for Skill (Arduanatt)
    – Effect: Courser Training Skill EXP +2% (Effect is reduced by half after the relevant Courser Training EXP exceeds 100%)
  • - Price: Silver 100,000
Data Updated: October 31, 2020