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Pearl Item
Equipment Tailoring Coupon
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Description: You can exchange certain craftable clothes for a costume with the same appearance. You can equip it in the Appearance slot of the Equipment window, or use Heating to convert it into a crystal to transfuse onto Pearl Shop outfits.
  • – Exchangeable Costumes and Extra Effects:

    - Amity +15%
    Serendian Smith Garb
    Serendian Soldier Armor
    Jordine's Casual Wear
    Jarette's Armor
    Orwen's Travel Wear
    Edan's Travel Wear
    Garnier Troupe Garb
    Serendian Formal Wear
    Valencian Travel Wear
    Ahon Kirus Armor
    Delphe Knight Armor
    The Shroud Knights Armor
    Black Leopard Armor
    Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes
    Florin Cook's Clothes
    Kanna's Naga Disguise
    Terrmian Casual Wear

    - Movement Speed +2
    Calpheon Noble Suit/Dress

    - You will obtain an Ancient Spirit's Crystal with the same extra effect of the costume used with Heating. Use Black Spirit's Claw to transfuse the obtained crystal onto a Pearl Shop outfit.
    - You can exchange certain Life Skill costumes unavailable for enhancement into outfits bearing the same extra effect.

    • - Price (Pearls): 1,500
Data Updated: November 22, 2021

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