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Trade Item
Asula's Weakened Magic Belt
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Description: A belt that has lost its magic and crimson glow. Only a faded bit of magic remains. It can be used to enhance an Asula's Crimson Eye Belt.
    ※ There is a high chance of successfully enhancing it with an Asula's Crimson Eye Accessory, but if the enhancement fails, both accessories will disappear.

    <Where to Obtain>
    – Asula's Weakened Magic Ring:
    Mediah Helms Post, Valencia Bashim Base, Titium Valley, Waragon Nest
    – Asula's Weakened Magic Earring:
    Mediah Helms Post, Valencia Gahaz Bandit's Lair, Desert Naga Temple, Waragon Nest
    – Asula's Weakened Magic Belt:
    Mediah Elric Shrine, Valencia Cadry Ruins, Crescent Shrine
    – Asula's Weakened Magic Necklace:
    Mediah Abandoned Iron Mine, Valencia Basilisk Den, Taphtar Plain

    You can Exchange Asula's Weakened Magic Belt x3 for Asula's Crimson Eye Belt x1.
    You can Exchange Asula's Weakened Magic Belt x1 for a different type of accessory.

    <Exchange Location>
    Tarif – Yisar Pjetyo the Alchemist
    Rock Post – Lasmin the Blacksmith
    Altinova – Jeweler Belgar
    Sand Grain Bazaar – Jeweler Binvane
    Grána - Herbin

    – Press RMB to start enhancement
Data Updated: July 4, 2021

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