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Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt

Weight: 0.25 LT
  • - Repairable Item
  • - Personal Transaction Unavailable
  • - Enhancement Type: Fixed
  • - Cannot be dyed
  • - Description: A belt containing the powerful and furious energy of Asula, the Little God of Mediah. It is believed to be made by the believers of the native religion. The sorcerers of Tarif are researching ways to draw more of Asula's energy from it.
    <Sites you can obtain Asula's Crimson Eye Set>
    Necklace: Abandoned Iron Mine
    Ring: Helms Post
    Earring: Helms Post
    Belt: Elric Shrine

    • - Effect
    •   Weight Limit +100LT
  • - Price: Silver 150,000

  • - Durability
  • 100/100
Data Updated: January 3, 2020

Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt

Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt Node Drops