BDOD v.0.2 – Tons of New Items & Features | Black Desert Online Database
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We’ve gone a long way without posting any updates on our progress. Managing the Black Desert Online Database is no easy feat, with so many thousands of items in the game, and so many different mechanics within these items, nodes etc.

We have been super busy the past few months, trying to set up all the Gear items (Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon, Awakening, Armor & Accessories), their stats, comparison tables etc. as well as finalizing all the Material & Consumables categories.

We have decided to start using the in-game categories as our main categories (even though we think they are chaotic), since.. well, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for (for now).

A huge Lifeskill Mastery update happened in BDO a few weeks back, so we made sure to include all the new Life Tools & Functional Clothes, that provide you with Lifeskill Mastery points!

We are closer than ever to importing all Black Desert items, and afterwards focusing on creating amazing tools that will help you with enhancement, gear, lifeskills, trading, horses, and way more!

Oh, did I mention we’ve put in all Trading Crates as well?

Until the next time o/