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We couldn’t be more proud! We are still a long way from offering a complete database for Black Desert Online, but we believe that there’s already very useful things you can do here.

Cooking & Alchemy – Where It All Begins

The reason the development for BDOD even started, is the lack of user-friendly and efficient online tools for cooking & alchemy in BDO.

Sure, we couldn’t thank more the guys at more for their contribution, and the wealth of information you can find in there. They even went as far as to create many amazing tools on top of their data, like simple recipe calculators, an unbelievable dressing room, a skill builder and more.

On top of their data, even more amazing tools have been published, like the indispensable BDO map at, and of course, our own database!

But with an MMORPG as deep as BDO, nothing is ever enough.. The mechanics, the items & the possibilities are so many, that there might even exist 5 ways to do 1 of the 10 lifeskills.

So with that in-mind, we are keeping our focus in offering a nice solution for Cooking & Alchemy first, then moving forward to other important items & tools, like Gear, Furniture, Mounts etc.


In our first public version, we have completed the data entry on the following item categories: